Leak under boiler.. Help

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  1. W22ULF

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    Hi Guys.

    Firstly I am new to the forum. I am from Blackburn, England.

    I need your help please. I have a small leak from the a white plastic pipe which feeds from under my Vallient Combi Boiler and leads outside. The leak is from the u-bend. I have attached a picture to help.

    Please advise me on what the purpose of this pipe is and what would be the best way about going to repair it. I tried some tape but it leaked through. The leak is not major but still needs repairing.

    Many thanks

  2. W22ULF

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    Hopefully the picture link works.
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    If the pictures don't work please can someone tell me how to upload them..says file to big when I try to use the image icon above.
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    The leaking area is highlighted in yellow

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  5. W22ULF

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    This is a slightly more closer picture showing a more accurate location for where the leak is actually from. Many thanks folks

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  6. jonathanc

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    It’s a condensate drain. Basically waste water vapour from the combustion process.

    Best repair is to replace the leaking parts. They are solvent weld.
  7. Baxi Boy

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    That pipe is the condensate pipe,if you can separate the pipes at the bend when boiler is off,you could dry them and use some joint sealant such as Rectorseal Tru Blu.

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