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    Hi all,

    We have just finished a rear extension. As part of that we created a small polycarbonate area (9m^2). The roof is 10mm polycarbonate sheets.

    On three sides are insulated walls and the front is plywood frame and a front door type door. Then there is fence panel and fence gate Infront of it (looks better and keeping neighbours happy).

    I'm noticing that the sheets are literally dripping water because of condensation. My builder has said this will be the case this year and next year it will be less as the walls and concrete floor are all wet. I am told there will always be condensation... varying amounts by different people.

    Some of the plywood is also showing signs of mould, between one of the insulated walls and my extension there is a 50cm gap (see picture) which also has a plywood frame.
    lean to.png

    (No door on the house brick wall).

    So my question is..

    1. How do I minimise condensation in this area as I wanted to make this into a storage area and useable throughout the year and store home grown produce....
    2. Is it a good idea to paint all the plywood and wood inside to protect it?
    3. We have a consumer unit (powers the extension)/light /socket in this area, should I be concerned?
    4. any other tips or advice?

    Thanks :)

    actual picture.jpg
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