Led batten wiring...different to what I’m used to!

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Not Too Sure, Oct 31, 2019.

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    I have purchased a LED batten from a Screwfix for my garage (see below) but the connections in the LED are only live and neutral...I’m assuming there is no earth as it is all plastic?

    Basically two questions...

    1) Do I just leave the earth in the cable that goes into the light unattached? Every other light I’ve changed has always had an earth connection point...

    2) Also given there are only 2 connections on the LED batten, that implies that both neutral and live from the main consumer unit have to go directly to the light switch and then the cable from the switch takes BOTH neutral and live to the led batten??? All my other lights had neutral and live going into the light, but then another connection point to take the live cable to the light switch...



    Polycarbonate body and diffuser.

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  2. Take it back and get a fitting made by a decent reputable manufacturer.
    Lap are absolute carp.
    I fitted some lap florries supplied by a client, I had to take them back off the ceiling as none worked, got the client to take them back, and I went and bought some Thorn ones from my supplier, which worked.
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  3. Not Too Sure

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    Too late as they have been installed, just need to double check on my two questions and then can report back :(

    Any ideas re answers?
  4. 1) put the earth wire/s in green & yellow sleeving and terminate/ make safe in a piece of connector strip.
    2) There are different ways to wire lights, you can take the feed and neutral to the switch, join the neutrals behind the switch and just run a nuetral and switch wire up to the light.
    You could also run the feed and neutral to the light and make joints there for the feed going to the switch.
    It is up to you, what would be the easiest, but also the neatest if on show, would also do the switch drop in plastic conduit with a female adapter joining it to the box.
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  5. Not Too Sure

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    Thank you :)
  6. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Screwfix Select

    What are you on about Deleted member 11267, LAP are world renown for their high quality merchandise!:p
  7. Draetsir

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    Use of LAP equipment should be a criminal offence.
  8. Comlec

    Comlec Screwfix Select

    Don’t listen to electro-snobs. I use these LAP battens in lofts, garages and even have one as a site light. Never had any problems but that is just anecdotal and not the peer reviewed evidence that you will need convince @Deleted member 11267.
    Not a fan of most of their other stuff but the battens are easy to fit using clipped flex/T&E. Come complete with cable entry grommets and can be daisy chained.

    As for the CPC(earth) take the cable through the entry gland then sleeve the CPC with green and Yellow and fold back.
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  10. Not Too Sure

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    All up and working - supremely bright, so all good.

    Just not a fan of the connection points, so for replacing my other 2 lights in the garage I might look for a more traditional fitting (live, neutral, loop etc.) on a LED batten.

    A year or two ago I also purchased LAP plugs and they were **** tbh - I have had to replace 4 or 5 out the 20 as the plug stops going into the socket !!!
  11. FlyByNight

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    And you will find that some LAP proiducts are made by one of the UKs high quality brands.
  12. FlyByNight

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    Just fit a J804 junction box close by, use that for L, N, Loop and then the batten flex to that and if you have two, connect both.
  13. Sparkielev

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    Saxby do a 5ft led batten for around £20
  14. Philip Hyde

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    Smells a bit fishy to me ;)
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  15. They probably do, if left switched on for a while.
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    Sorry, one final question - can you get a Pattress box but with a hole in the top for 20mm conduit, or do you normally just drill one into a standard box...looks fairly brittle to do so!
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  18. Not Too Sure

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  19. DIYDave.

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    If for some reason the knock outs on above box don’t line up with what you need or you need more entry points, buy a ‘PVC Pattress Box’

    Don’t think SF sell these but T St do

    Made of a softer material that is easy to drill so you can customise the entry points. Drill pilot hole then use a step drill bit is easiest way to enlarge for conduit fitting
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  20. robertpstubbs

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    Step drill bit? Surely a holesaw?
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