Led downlights - can they be covered with loft insulation?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by SteveMJ, Jan 25, 2015.

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    I have a number of MR16 halogen downlighters in our upstairs. The loft insulation above them is thin anyway ~ 75mm and is pulled back where the downlighters and their transformers are. So above each one there is no insulation at all.

    I am sure this is to stop the downlighters and their transformers from overheating if they were covered by loft insulation. But it also means that heat can be lost through both the gap around the bulbs and through the ceiling plasterboard.

    So, if I change all these for LEDs and electronics 'transformers' can I cover the lot with 170 mm (or more of insulation without risk?

    Thanks for the advice guys,

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  4. unphased

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    I think air space is the important feature. How you create one is up to you, really. Your suggestions sound sensible. :)
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    In the earlier days of down lighters, before led's were popular I used to make up plasterboard boxes, quite simple, nothing fancy, just 5 pieces of plasterboard, a few strips of batten and some drywall screws. The more I made the quicker I got at it! From memory I think I made them about 8 inches square and the same high.
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    I think i read a post saying another option is 4 inch soil pipe with a couple of holes through them for air flow and place over the top of the fitting
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    An easier method is ceramic or earthenware flower pots. (not plastic of course!)
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    i used to use plant pots and thought i was clever lol thought people might think it was bodgy but i guess it was a good idea
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    Nothing wrong with that Gman.
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    cost effective option too! ;)
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    .........................anyway, back to the OP's Q!

    Yes, you can cover with insulation with no worry about air gaps and the like.
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    I have put 9 down lights in the kitchen and they were 240 volt no transformers but I put the fire proof hats over them and left the insulation just up to them but noe I have changed the bulbs for 240 volt LEDS and I have left the fire proof hats over them so now I have covered over the top of them in the loft with insulation as I was told that I could now do that as there was no heat from them so no risk of fires is that a correct thing to do as I wanted to make sure that there were no gaps in the insulation or must I go in the loft and take the insulation back off them and leave them uncovered an inspector came from the council to inspect the loft insulation and has complained about this and told me that I must take all the insulation off them and leave it just nearly up to the fire proof hats that I have left on them .
    Could you please tell me what you think I should do with this problem as I think that what I have done is ok and dose not cause any problems and I don’t think that there are any risks of a fire I would be great full for your opinion .

    Thank you

    Mr Nicholas S Eyre

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