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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by hotdog123, Jul 12, 2022.

  1. jimbobby

    jimbobby Screwfix Select

    60watt Wolfram filament lamp..good for 4 years... 60 pence.
    10 watt solid state, colour changing all singing and dancing. dimable COB, LED...£12.50 good for 25,000 hours. dead in 12 months...lol
  2. Abbadon2001

    Abbadon2001 Screwfix Select

    For a constant current setup, you wont want to exceed the current rating, but the voltage range could be wider as could the power rating accordingly. Just to clarify, you have a single driver for each panel yes?
  3. hotdog123

    hotdog123 New Member

    One more question please, anyone. Is it a bad idea to use a constant current LED driver which has a higher current input or output than the one I am replacing? the Aurora/enlite (which are discontinued apparently) are 900mA output and 0.22A input. I've found this replacement (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234400861375?hash=item3693614cbf:g:PhYAAOSwHCBh9~6U) but it has a 1.05A output and 0.3A input . Would that be an issue?
  4. adgjl

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    The output current is certainly an issue. If you connect it, the leds are likely to stop working forever in a few seconds.
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  5. Abbadon2001

    Abbadon2001 Screwfix Select

    Yes, as per my previous post, don't exceed the current rating.
  6. Bazza

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  7. Abbadon2001

    Abbadon2001 Screwfix Select

    yes, my meaning was don't exceed the output of the original driver, in the replacement driver, we were saying the same thing :)
  8. hotdog123

    hotdog123 New Member

    Update on the ongoing saga. I found a compatible driver


    Unfortunately didn't realise the output cable is the opposite type to the one I needed! ie instead of the metal protrusion it has a hole (female? Is that what's called?)

    I managed to take off the output cable of the old driver and put it on the new driver and it seemed to work. But it's a lot of fiddly work, and there's 13 more blown drivers to do. Is there some kind of adaptor cable available?
  9. Abbadon2001

    Abbadon2001 Screwfix Select

    Assuming its a 2.1mm jack plug (i think that refers to the metal hole diameter in the center of one half), you could use something like this:


    But I cant see the jack on it specified on the driver you have so you would want to try and determine that before ordering, but its likely to be 2.1mm.

    They are 5.5mm OD on the male half I beleive.
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