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  1. Tesla160

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    Hi guys

    I am looking to achieve this set up for my alcoves. I have already built the shelves with lips at the bottom for the LED strip to stick on to at the back.
    I will have an electrician coming to do some other work at the house but he is labour only so I will need to supply him with the materials.
    Could you please recommend exactly what I need? I am looking at 2700K led strips and can I buy say a 5 metre strip and cut it down into several pieces then link it all together or is it best to get 5 x 1m strips for each individual shelf if that is how many I need?

    I want the shelves to be hard wired and controlled by a dimmer switch.

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  2. Bazza

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    Where will the power come from?
    Where will the dimmer switch be located? What sort of dimmer did you have in mind?
    What sort of cables have been laid in? From where to where?
    Do your LED strips require a driver? Where would you put that?

    Your electrician needs to tell you what's needed before you buy anything. If you pre-guess it then either it will be the wrong kit and/or it will not be suitable. Both of these outcomes will cost you ££ either to buy the correct stuff, or in extra time for your electrician.
  3. Tesla160

    Tesla160 New Member

    Thanks Bazza

    So I am getting the consumer unit changed as well which is in a cupboard about 5m away from these alcoves. I suppose the power will come from there? Then I envisioned there is going to be a hardwired socket with a fuse at the bottom of each alcove. I am also putting in cupboard at the bottom of each alcove so the driver which I presume will definitely be required as well as the socket/ all the connections, can hide in there. This is part of a house refurb so the new cables will go underneath the floorboards.

    The dimmer switch is the 4 Gang 2 way dimmer switch 10-200W from Knightsbridge and the alcoves will take one of the buttons. The other connections will be some ceiling spotlights taking up two more and a wall light taking up the 4th button.

    I guess I was wondering more about the best LED strips to get that covers my needs. I am essentially trying to prepare the shelves with the led strips attached to them and get the cables ready for him to connect to the power supply. I haven’t worked with LED strips before hence I don’t really know where to start.
  4. MGW

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    I used Lidi Smart LED Light Strip and very pleased, but it depends on what you want. I would say mine would have been too powerful had it not had zigbee control and able to turn down output, the colour changing feature is great, but do you want it?

    You want a socket you can use, but after that it is personal preference.
  5. Fusebox Wales

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    Don't forget to install LED Profile for the LED tape to be mounted onto. Many stick the tape directly onto the surface but it won't last long, it needs the LED Profile to act as a heat sink.

  6. Tesla160

    Tesla160 New Member

    i think I just need the basic warm white ones.
    is there any you would recommend to help me achieve that same effect as in the photos?

    Also, do I need to buy individual strips of 1M each or if I buy a 5M roll can they be cut and then joined together by some kind of connector?
  7. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    The problem is we often only fit once, and I have found the Lidi strip works great, so not tried any others once I got them, the Ikea ones were useless to my mind, but personal opinion you may like them.
  8. Tesla160

    Tesla160 New Member

    So I was looking at the Collingwood 5m 24w pack single colour. Could I get the 5m roll, then cut into 1m pieces, join them by a Hippo tape to wire connector in series (the wire would connect the different shelves and hide in the wall plaster) and then at the bottom end join straight into the driver. Then the electrician can do his bit connecting it to the mains. Am I missing anything?

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