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Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Heyrib, Jan 14, 2021.

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    I am looking to upgrade the lighting in my garage from 2 very old single florescent tubes, both situated at the same end, to LED.

    The garage is approx. 5m x 2.7m single garage with a sloped roof onto the side of the house (approx. 4m at its highest down to 2.5m) and is used as a workshop for general DIY and woodwork. So I would like it quite bright.

    I have read a lot of forums and reviews suggesting Barrina: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Barrina-In...child=1&keywords=barrina&qid=1610621052&sr=8-

    The main issue seems to be that they have the wrong plug as they are 110V, although it seems UK reviewers have fitted a UK plug / hard wired as the voltage range is 75-260v. is this recommended? My other challenge is the link cables seem short and not readily available.

    I am leaning toward the linkable LED as they will be easy for me to install a number of tubes without significant wiring (of which I am openly not confident on and wouldn't attempt anything other than straight swaps). I can plug 6 LED batons into one plug socket and then eventually hardwire into one switch. My initial thought is to attach one to every other joist along the length of the garage.

    My questions are:

    Are the linkable LEDs as good as the reviews suggest? Probably a silly question as what's the point of reviews if I don't listen to them, but I would appreciate thoughts as most reviewers aren’t UK based.

    Does anyone know of any similar UK alternatives which I am finding hard to source? I have only found one but they aren’t quite as bright and slightly more expensive, although I'm happy to pay that for the right option. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/KBUCLED22.html they also have longer link leads available. Are these sufficient and I am overthinking the brightness?

    Am I missing a better alternative?

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    I dont know about linkable but I replaced 8 old tube fittings with 4 vtac led sets with Samsung leds and they ended up being awesome and brighter than the 8 I had previously
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    In the main an LED tube is rated around 1/2 the output of the fluorescent tube it replaces, with a workshop the worry is strobe effect, and with fluorescent we would use the HF version, which in the main means they will not take a LED as direct replacement without changing the fitting, exception are some folded fluorescent like the 2D.

    So with the HF fluorescent the tube does not dim as much with age as the old magnet ballast, so really change is like for like, no reduction in lumen output.

    But with LED there are two main ways to limit current, a capacitor or a pulse width modulated controller, the former is 100 Hz the latter in kHz so you want the latter, but the adverts don't seem to tell you which it is. And 60 watt at 5600 lumen is no better than HF fluorescent, just more expensive. I would look for 100 lumen per watt, LED can go to 120 lumen per watt, but at 100 lumen per watt likely pulse width modulated not simple capacitor.

    If it was not a workshop any LED would do, but for a workshop don't want strobe effect.

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