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    I guys and gals,
    I'm looking to have my garage floor levelled so I can lay some PVC tiles.

    Do you think it's best to get a professional in or is this something i can tackle myself with the No Nonsense self levelling kit.

    The garage is approximately 5x3 meteres and the concrete has a wavey finish to it (pic attached)

    How much would we be looking at to have the job done by a professional

    Thanx in advance

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    With the buckets of self levelling compound (the latex stuff), you have to work pretty fast and be prepared with various floats and brooms to get it where it needs to be before it goes off. I managed to get it right for 80% of my garage when I did it several years ago, but there were high spots that I ended up having to live with.

    For my Wife's garage conversion, I instead opted for blind sand/concrete mix chucked over a DPC sheet, with 18mm boards on too, with vinyl on top of that. It too had those wavy concrete undulations. There was a slight incline towards the garage door hence the sand, but you may be able to get away with just dpc + 18mm boards of level already.
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