Leveling Second Floor room

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How should i level the floor

  1. Self Leveling Compund

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  2. Wood frame with ply ontop

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  3. Stop been a perfectionist!!

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  1. TomWrig

    TomWrig New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a first time poster on this forum and i will say now i'm a keen DIYer but not a professional.

    My bathroom (which is on the second floor) has a fairly uneven floor (i would estimate a dip of about 1inch in the middle) on which a so called professional tried to tile onto. They did fit plywood down but i'm unsure how thick or how well secured. As a result all the grouting has cracked on the floor looks a mess.

    I need to level the floor so i can either re-tile or lay vinyl (i understand for vinyl a level floor is not a requirement but i'm a perfectionist)

    I keep reading about self leveling compounds however i'm a little concerned are they suitable for second floors?

    Do you need to cover over any gaps to stop the compound seeping into the void between the floor and ceiling below?

    The other way i was considering which we have used in another room is to create a timber frame of varying thicknesses to create a level and lay ply or chipboard ontop.

    Any help would be appreciated, I am keen to tackle this problem myself with help for family (father in law used to be in the building trade)

  2. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    What is the current floor made from? Timber, ply, chipboard, concrete ... ?
  3. TomWrig

    TomWrig New Member

    Flooring board which are not in the best state, on top of which bodger the bathroom fitter has put down ply unsure on thickness or how well secured as i was working away when this was completed
  4. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    Can you take up the boards? It will be the easiest option

    If so, relay them with some Hardie Flooring 2500x500 boards in 19 or22 thick. http://www.jameshardie.co.uk/hardiefloor They are rigid and having a T&G will lokk together. Use some shims, http://www.screwfix.com/p/broadfix-assorted-plastic-shims-medium-x-x-200-pcs/80408#_=p to adjust the boards and get them fully aligned.

    Then, tile straight on to the Hardie boards using a dcent adhesive such as Ardex X77 which has a little flexibility and an Ardex grout.
  5. Why the dip in the floor is my question?

    What has caused it. It sounds like it moves when you walk on it? Find the problem and cure that, not the resulting issues it causes ?
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  6. Str8AheadInc

    Str8AheadInc New Member

    I agree. Correct the floor if it can be otherwise self leveling is straight forward and can be tiled to.

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