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  1. My wife has not yet put office on her new laptop and I have a installation disc for open office I bought a few years ago and have not used which I could install but a friend has suggested this LibreOffice version 4.4.I have never heard of it but he has it on his laptop apparently and it does what he needs.My wife really only needs Word and Exel.Does anyone have any information about this program as I want to install something today if possible.
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    Our household gave up on Microsoft Office a long time ago, and everyone has moved to Libre Ofiice.
    However until recently I did have Microsoft Office on my work laptop.
    We have been able to exchange Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other files between the two systems with absolutely no loss of functionality.
    You don't need to use a disc for Libre Office ... just download it off the web.
  3. The disc I mentioned was for open Office and I heard that LibreOffice version 4.4.0 was a later version of open office but not sure.I have the open office disc in front of me and as I said it has never been used.If I install LibreOffice version 4.4.0 on my wifes laptop what programs will she get ie exel,word etc.Could I also put it on her new Samsung tablet.The OS on the laptop is Windows 10 64bit not sure about the tablet.Could you send me a link to download LibreOffice version 4.4.0.Thanks
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    LibreOffice & Open Office are now two seperate office suites, in my opinion Libre Office has one big advantage, it can open and edit native Microsoft formats DOCX and XLSX,but it is able to save to these formats,which Open Office can't do.
    Great if you want to share document with MS Office users.

    And Libre have a excellent template library.

    And there is a later version 6.2.8
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    Libre Office is very good. I use it all the time.
    It is the most compatible with Microsoft office of all the other office suites out there.
    As far as using it to create documents or spreadsheets it is, to all intents and purposes the same as MS office.

    It will open MS documents and spreadsheets just fine... unless they are very complicated.
    By that I mean if the document has pictures or other graphics, sometimes they can loose their positioning when opened in Libre Office.
    Also, if the document or spreadsheet has "Macros" in, sometimes these don't work.

    However, for other stuff it is just perfect... and free. Genuinely free!

    You wont get "Word" or "Excel", but the Libre Office, (Which indeed began life as "Open Office", but is a further development of it), equivalents, called, "Writer" and "Calc"... and a database programme, anda "powerpoint" equivalent, and a drawing/graphics programme. It really is quite remarkable.

    I don't think it's available on Android, (i.e Samsung tablet), but open office is... for this you'll need to download it via the app store on the tablet, ( I think)

    Libre Office is now up to version 6;

    Good luck,


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    And regarding the sharing... you can save directly as a .pdf as well with Libre Office.

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  7. It is now installed so am I correct in thinking that writer document would be used as Word and Calc Spreadsheet would be Exel.
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    Some good guides on Youtube for using Libre Office.

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    Thanks for highlighting this most useful office package!
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    I have avoided installing any office software at all due to Google Docs being so versatile. If you haven't tried it give it a go. Its all about the 'cloud' these days...:)
  12. I have got that installed now and works fine and as I said all my wife really needs is Word and Exel so that is fine so thanks for the help

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