LIDL's mega tools, gents ;)

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by AlvyChippy, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Isitreally

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    Totally disagree, bosch is nearly twice as powerful, I've got the older yellow one, its as good as a proper compressor as better than a hydraulic one.
  2. goldenboy

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    Cordless all the way for me.

    Only corded tools I have left van wise are big router, tablesaw and track saw.

    The tablesaw will soon be 54v Flexvolt as will the track saw.

    Everything is the workshop is still corded though.

    I am fairly certain my three phase panel saw wont be eased out for a cordless version!
  3. DavidDavidson

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    I got a little laser line level from my grandmother for my birthday (I suspect it will mostly be used getting her house ready for sale and in her new place), it came with a tripod and that was the only cheap thing about it, especially the way the tripod threaded in; they drilled a hole just shy of the threads and let it be "self tapping", other than that it's got two magnets on the bottom a bubble level and a bullseye style bubble level. It's a pity it didn't come with a vertical bubble level, but my phone does that.

    I can't wait for tool day to swing back round in Lidl, I'll probably pick up a few bargains but when it comes there are literally queues at the door before they open of people wanting to get the stuff before it sells out.

    Even their summer gardening stuff wasn't bad though my grandmother bought a hedge cutter that must have had plastic gears! After half the hedge the gears were shot. She's shy of bringing it back under warranty so if she doesn't want to do that I suppose I can open it up and see what the problem is. Hopefully they used metal gears and something is just slipping.
    Some of the tools my gran has acquired over the years (lidl, poundstretcher and other places) fills half a built in wardrobe. Granted she buys stuff that looks useful but isn't really that useful (like drywall tape) but some of it is really good.
    Her slip joint pliers may have wandered into my tool case...
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    Who is the idiot now

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    I suspect it’ll be used as something to tease the cat/ dog with. ( I know mine is,,,,,, drives our dog barmy ) :p:p:p:p
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    I've seen enough now, will hang my apron... :)
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    I've tried laser pointers with my cat, he dismisses them completely. If he's bored he might watch it move around the room but he won't chase one.

    Catnip on the other hand, he goes nuts for that, even tries to rub catnip spray on like aftershave. He's totally destroyed two woollen cat toys with a bag of catnip inside them after I chummed the waters with the spray I made.

    As for corded vs cordless, for professionals I can see cordless taking over, though I had to remove tiles cemented to a wall (and the tile lip behind it) £80 for a titan SDS+ (corded), I would have paid heaps more for a cordless with the same impact power.

    As the price of lithium ion cells drops I can see cordless becoming dominant.

    That said the little Worx cordless "hammer" drill I got from Argos (£94, 2 batteries and a fast charger; brushless too; I doubt the brushes would be (easily) user serviceable on the brushed ones) chews through mortar, plaster and brick extremely fast. Very little runout on the (all metal) chuck too.
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    Picked up garden tools from Lidl 3-4 year ago for 2 - 10£ max secateurs, loppers and shears and folding saws.

    Still all going strong working well.

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