Lifting Floorboards without damaging them

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by roogy, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. leeds spark

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    wot u boys need is a tounge splitter,and its brother the saw,the latter is a saw blade about 2inchs in diameter and on a shoe plate,with a rachet lever 2 cut across the board,u simply put ur foot on it an saw away,the splitter works the same way,but is just a circular disc,about 1m/m wide put it in the gap and just push along with ur foot 2 split the toung!

    lol,hav,nt seen one of those since my college workshop training,i thought they were taking the p**s when they asked us to cut through timber with this thing!a hand operated ratchet circular saw,what a fantastic idea!only take 2 days to cut through a board and your arm would ache as if you had cut it with your mums best butter knife,does anybody still make these silly contraptions,id love one to show my grandchildren in about forty years time,"an early cordless circular saw!!
  2. bodget&scarpers

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    still use 1 2 this day,iv all u b:t chaps,sparks,plumbs an alarm bods learnt how 2 use them ( properly ) we may save a few forests. an made by a co called delway.
  3. dirtydeeds

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    ok what is the web address

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