Light Fitting to Downlight, Another!

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    View attachment 59878 Hi All,

    Another question re the light fitting in the photo.

    I have wago connectors, but I just want to make sure i wire it up correctly.

    i only have the 3 terminal wagos, does that matter if only use 2 of the slots?

    Either way some advise on how to wire this to a downlight would be ideal! As im more confused with this vs standard rose etc


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  2. Ind spark

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    No you don't have to use all the slots of a wago.
    You need to put the connections in a wago box, with a short piece of cable to your new light.
    The 3 reds are looped live in 1 x wago
    The 2 blacks are neutrals in 1 x wago
    The 1 x black is switched live (should be sleeved brown or red) in 1 x wago.
    Then take your new piece of cable from live neutral and earth.
    Earth will be a bare wire sleeved green and yellow it's probably tucked up in the ceiling.

    Obviously turn the power off before doing this.

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