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  1. APM1384

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    I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I encountered over the weekend.

    3 outside lights all switched independently off a 3 gang switch. 1 of the outside lights works fine, 1 Trips RCD when switched on and the other doesn't work when switched on ( don't worry about this as I think it will be a simple fix)

    The Switch that trips the Light, I have removed and connected into connectors to check that water was getting into the fitting, still trips, I have removed the load switch of the switch so it doesn't continually trip if accidentally switched.

    Not sure how to fix the problem all cables are either hidden in the walls or underground.
  2. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    I suppose logically it must be a live fault as when you removed the load the rcd did not trip - on the assumption that the neutrals are bunched (only one feed to 3 plate) then take the offending circuit neutral out of the bunch and then on duff circuit from switch perform a quick ir - term l + n together and probe from that to e..any anomalous readings can then be investigated further..the fitting might be damp or whatever. Make sure the circuit is de-energised and proven dead before doing stuff APM.
  3. nigel willson

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    Probs water in one of the outside lites! Pull em to bits and check!
  4. APM1384

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    Thanks Guys

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