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    Hi all, need some help with lintel above a window. Please see the photos (and don't laugh at my DIY scratch coat [​IMG]). There is a 1m crack. I have removed some flaky bits and it seems that the crack is deeper than I thought. I can wedge a £1 coin as you can see on the photo. At first I thought I would just seal it but since the crack is big, I was wondering what people think? Can this lintel be saved or does it need to be replaced? There are no cracks above in the wall just this crack in the lintel itself. If it can be saved, what do I need to do? Can I inject something into it to seal/fill the crack before finishing the rendering? Any ideas/opinions are welcome

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  2. Wayners

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    I'd rake that out a bit then fill with toupret masonry filler (powder and add water) masking tape around to keep tidy and protect window with hardboard or something.
    Think it's going to be fine for many years.
    It may have been cast in place and bars have gone rusty plus water got in it so it's cracked. Maybe in 30 years when window needs replacing it can be looked at.
    If your really worried get it looked at so you have peace of mind but I've seen similar before
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    In your first pic the cracked off bit looks to be a different colour? I wonder if this is a previous repair.

    Tourpret is brilliant stuff but I'd be more inclined here to chip back as much loose stuff as you can and then use an epoxy mortar. This will protect the rebar better.

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