liquid DPM and a self levelling compound.

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by jasonuk887766, May 2, 2020.

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    Good afternoon. I am looking for some advise about laying a SLC with a liquid DPM. I am in the process of improving our kitchen. Part of this improvement was to remove a wall to open the kitchen up into the adjacent room. The wall is now down and its time to level off the floors. The kitchen currently has thermoplastic tiles down which most of them are loose and coming off. The room i have knocked into is only a concrete finish and is about 3-4mm higher than the thermoplastic tiles. My plan is to remove the thermoplastic tiles which will leave behind a very small amount of bitumen additive so i was coming to apply a 3-4mm layer of Arditex NA to the old kitchen floor to bring it upto the concrete level of the room i have knocked into. I was then going to apply a Ardex DPM 1C and then apply a 2mm SLC over the whole area with Arditex NA to level both parts of the room as one. I don't think i currently have a DPM in the concrete floor.

    Is this the correct way to do it??

    Is there a cheaper way / cheaper products as this is working out quite expensive?

    Cheers for any advise


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