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    Sorry for simple questions...

    I need to fit door locks to rooms in an HMO for Students, they need to lock with individual keys, but be openable from inside WITHOIT a key for easy escape, I guess is just a thumb turn.

    I guess they don't need the full "panic locks" like in a final exit door.

    Do they need simple sash locks.. ? But that will require a key from both sides no... ?

    I can't see it's anything too complex, but can't seem to find the right stuff anywhere... where can I buy the right stuff, sensible quality at sensible prices ?

    I guess I could use simple old fashioned Yale night latches, but the students will only lock themselves out of the rooms and call me at 2am.. never ideal.

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    Euro locks I'd say. The sash locks here. http://www.screwfix.com/p/securefast-euro-cylinder-sashlock-satin-chrome-2-64mm/88155 Thumbturn on the inside and key on the outside with this, http://www.screwfix.com/p/era-6-pin-euro-cylinder-thumbturn-lock-35-35-70mm-satin/94614.
    Ideally, you'd want to buy a suited set of locks so the main front door to the building could be opened with every bedroom key, but bedrooms could only be opened with their individual keys. A suited set, would come with a master key (for the building owner/lettings agency)
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    Ok, I see,

    so it's a handle suitable for Euro cylinder, the Euro cylinder with thumb turn and a sash lock suitable for the euro lock.

    about £30 worth per door :-(

    I guess the way it to buy it all as a set if cheaper.

    Your matched key idea is great, have heard of them, but so far am still walking round like a jailer....

    OK Thanks
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