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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Henno, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Henno

    Henno New Member

    Recently moved into a new house, which has had the loft converted at some point in the past..

    The loft bedroom has no door - the stairs go from the first floor landing, up two stairs, turn 90 degrees with three kite winders, then up to the 2nd floor loft level. At the top there is a hand rail 'balcony' right round.

    I need to put a door on - the upstairs room could do with a bit of privacy...

    The first floor landing is very small - you come up from the ground floor to a 1m square landing - bedroom 1 to the right, bathroom to the left, and the 2nd flight of stairs infront of you.

    Are you still with me?! What i want to know is this: Can i put a frame / door before the winders? - This would mean that it doesnt swing accross the landing too much. It would however be two / three steps up a staircase.

    If you understand this then i guess you've done well! Could someone also advise - i presume it would need to be a fire door of some sort...

    Cheers for now
  2. joesoap

    joesoap New Member

    Hi Henno
    Doors on stairs are a definite no no, as are doors opening out on to half or quarter landings as you seem to be describing. Winders don't help either, for safety reasons not just regulations. There's nothing stopping you doing as you please but I would say a door on to the loft , opening in is as far as you should go unless you re'design the stairwell completely, if thats possible without a rebuild. Cheers !
  3. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    options put a door at the bottom of stairs with a full partition preventing fire going up the stairs

    im not sure about the arranagement of doors at the top of the stairs, speak to your local BCO and do what they suggest to the letter
  4. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    forgot to say, joe soap is entirely correct doors oening back onto the stairs is a DEFFINATE no no

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