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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Beno, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Beno

    Beno New Member

    Ive just set up in business @ the begining of December and work is coming in thick and fast ! But i just got 2 loft conversion jobs in that ive priced the problem is im not to sure weather im pricing them too cheap as both clients have bitten my arm off !! The last one i priced was a loft that is 3.6 by 4.6 and i quoted £3800 thats too use 8x2 chipboard flooring upgrade the joists using 5x2 16 0ff fit a velux window 3x2 board the rafters with 55mm insolated plaster boards fit x2 double sockets and 1 light pendant and fit a loft ladder and plaster it all out also move a radiator and form a 6x2 stud wall and fit x2 bi fold doors ! Ive ran through the price 4times and im certain ive allowed enough for labour and proffit but i just want another opinion !


    Ps no sarcastic commets panlid
  2. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    I hope your customers don't think they are getting another habitable room from the work you have described.
  3. Beno

    Beno New Member

    Would you like to explain what you mean by that one ??
  4. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    If it is to be classed as a habitable room then it needs to comply with building regs. The description you put up appears to fall short of the necessary rules in a number of areas. Have a look back through these forums particularly one started by "Handiandi" I think.
  5. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

  6. Hitch.

    Hitch. New Member

    Have you taken into account a sparx to do the light and sockets?
    And, wont you be needing a staircase if its a loft conversion?
  7. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    Hello Beno..

    don`t forget the Bldg regs etc ...which will include Linked Mains Smoke Detectors on each Floor etc etc ...

  8. Beno

    Beno New Member

    Ah ok i see what you mean now !!

    Forgot to say that this one is un official ! No building regs on this job ! Its just a straight forward loft room ! Yeah with building regs then i guess you can put another 2k on that price ! But the client didnt want to go to that expense !
  9. bungalow boy

    bungalow boy New Member

    Without Building Regs their insurance (if they have any) will be void. Who will be responsible for the death of someone unable to escape from thr room in the event of a fire?
  10. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    Ah ok i see what you mean now !!

    Forgot to say that this one is un official ! No
    building regs on this job ! Its just a straight
    forward loft room ! Yeah with building regs then i
    guess you can put another 2k on that price ! But the
    client didnt want to go to that expense !

    Only 2k ? Only 12k would be cheap. The one I looked at, I calculated I needed to spend £8k to put it right and that was with me doing all the work (i.e. no labour charge).
    From the other thread: Hard wired fire alarm; 1/2 hour fire protection for stairwell, ceiling and entrance door; specific heights and spacings for stairway; strengthening of floor joists; insulation of walls and ceiling; one window to be to fire egress standard. If you can do that for 2k it's no wonder you are getting lots of work.
  11. panlid

    panlid New Member

    beno you say you have lots of expierience in the trade but you dont seem to have much business sense. just because you are booked up does not mean you are good.
    will all tradesmen please take this point on board and stop quoting this tired line everytime they get into an argument in the hope that it validates their point!

    its amazing what dodgy work some customers will ignore if it is cheap enough.
    im not saying you are dodgy but always remember this point!
  12. foxy

    foxy New Member

    Beno, do you tie your van to the lampost?
  13. Beno

    Beno New Member

    Thats awfully nice of you to say that Foxy !!

    Yes i know what you are saying panlid and fair enough !
    As for me been a cowboy well im a little shocked that someone can say that through 1 post ??? makes me wonder just how good you guys are !

    @ the end of the day we are all here to help each other not throw abuse and **** each other off !

    Yes i am new in business and still learning how to run things properly ! Im by far a cowboy and i have other tradesman comment on how neat iam ! So if this is the way you all want to go on at each other then fine ill sorce help elsewhere !
  14. panlid

    panlid New Member

    i never said you were a cowboy!
  15. Beno

    Beno New Member

    Never said it was you panlid i was refering to Foxy !

    Like i said strange how he recons im a cowboy by one single thread !!!!
  16. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Get your customers to sign a contract and a disclaimer to say that you are converting the loftspace into tidy storage facility, and carry on.

    What the customer does with it it then, is up to their own judgement.

    Mr. HandyAndy - really
  17. Duke

    Duke New Member

    How much do you charge per day?

    Your surge in business could be because your under-cutting other tradesmen in the area, which is bad form.

    Is this the reason your coversions are cheap?
  18. inkpad

    inkpad New Member

    Cowboys and illegal loft conversions go hand in hand

    A loft conversion is a loft conversion, you could call it a flying pig if you like but it'd still be what it is.

    No offence Beno but if you dont want to be labelled a cowboy dont ride into town on a horse.

    When things do start to go wrong with this one the owners will be more than glad to lay the blame at your door.

    Whatever disclaimers the owner signs will be meaningless - the builder still has a responsibility to build to the regs.
  19. Beno

    Beno New Member

    Im working on £140 a day bare in mind im in the north east thats not a bad wage i know of a few joiner/chippys who are working on £85 to £100 ! Like ive said, i do a good job and people and other trades have said i turn out a good job, and at the end of the day.....surely thats what matters......I dont fool people about building regs...I tell them straight about it all. Its up to them what they choose.......
  20. panlid

    panlid New Member

    think were getting slightly mixed up here. when do regs come into play. surely all beno has done is technicly a posh loft.
    if everything he has done is done correctly ie, roof vents, windows fitted well etc then as long as you make the customer aware of the fact that it is not a loft conversion to regs i can see no problem in doing a 'posh loft'
    it is up to the customer then what they do with it.
    if you give them an invoice stating this and they pay then you are clear. it is not a cowboy issue. are you not allowed to make the best of a loft in case someone wants to use it as a bedroom etc. as long as you state clearly what it is then you it is not your problem.
    next youll be telling customers what furniture they can have!

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