Loft dormer changes too big?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by turbo2015, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Cheers for looking

    I have a new build house that does not have PD rights, and we are still in construction stages, have had a few issues with the complicated roof design. The current roof design is a hip thinking of changing the roof to a Gable end to allow more space, im of 3 houses with the other end being a gable end, consequently most have said getting a gable shouldn't cause to many issues.

    Changes will also apply to the current dormer size, stretching the dormer across the entire back end.Im also thinking of raising the dormer height. As shown in the orange lines.

    Do planning allow full height dormers as per the orange line i have drawn in....and also do you guys feel i will get refusal due to the bulky design. As it may block light from my neighbor on the Left side and overlooking issues.



  2. Richard AJ

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    Can you put it in for prior consultation with the Planners- it'll cost less than a full app and they will give feedback on where you stand. If you don't have PD, I suspect it falls outside of the prior planning agreement and could potentailly result in a re-application & 8-12 weeks till approval/ refusal from the planner.
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    It is quite common to change the roof to a gable end as part of an attic conversion. In some respects it is much easier to get steels and large structural pieces in before the gable is built.

    You won't be able to go higher than the current ridge and for practical reasons the dormer will only work lower than the ridge.

    Obviously the costs will be higher but the end result will be a lot better.

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