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Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by 1984, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Hi, we live in a 19th Century semi. It had a loft conversion apparently around 20 years old. The eaves are not part of the bedroom, but instead have been used for storage by the look of it in the past. We want to do the same. Currently there is 100mm of insulation between the joists and the back of the bedroom walls are also insulated with some sort of wool insulation. It is then boarded with chipboard. The main thing I wanted to know at the moment is whether it is really worth it adding an extra 170mm on top of this. I was all for it, but then I thought it could be quite a hassle with having to get up the old boards, move wires around etc that I don’t want to end up being under insulation, it would also reduce the space to store/move around significantly. Just looking for advice don’t really want to go through it if change would be minimal. If there is anything else I should consider I’d be really grateful if anyone could let me know. Many thanks.

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