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    OK so this is what I am working on now!

    I have put in some stairs to get into the loft. There was originally a loft hatch, but I wanted to have stairs so make it easier to go up into the loft. the room will be used as store study not intended for sleeping as won't be having a full conversion as limited headroom already.

    Wall in kitchen, was going to left in place, but would have been difficult to get the stairs in. Behind this is a small storage cupboard. The void in the corner is the larder store. This wall was eventually taken out using accrow props to support the ceiling above until stud wall gets built.


    Store cupboard, with door removed. Original hatch shown above. This is where the stairs will start.

    Partial wall removed in adjoining bathroom to accept the winder staircase, with measurements provided from staircase manufacturer.
    Wall plate using 95x95 CLS C24 timber for stud wall pocketed into gable wall and patched up.
    Stud wall built and boarded on kitchen side, I will be updating all the wring so need access to this side. Rockwall insulation slabs will be fitted between the studs for acoustic and thermal.

    Newel post for the stairs didn't go all the way to the floor, so made up a support using two sections o CLS timber with halve joint.

    Bottom of staircase, stairs came part assembled i.e main run, and the winder and two last treads needing making up on site.

    Stairs have gone in pretty well, space was limited so not the easiest of stairs to use, right hand side of stringer set back from wall as will be fitting in insulated plasterboard in future. 27-32.5mm thickness.

    Top tread of staircase finishes a few mm close to finished floor when final flooring in place.

    So this is the space in the loft, a lot of work needs doing here but trying to keep calm :) In the process of getting a SE to quote for steels so two supports can be removed.

    Carrying out some boxing underneath the stairs, this will be insulated and boarded as well.

    Boxing in bathroom, a little tricky to do, will be re-boarding the whole ceiling in bathroom. Foam comes in handy to fill large gaps.

    Making the most of the space under the stairs. Will be creating a storage area here with a door. The gap left didn't accept the medium sized fridge freezer :(, this has be resisted in the other corner and this area will eventually house a tumble dryer.

    Grid box fitted for electrical wiring.

    Things are a bit chaotic at the moment, as this work entails a lot of disruption but going to take my time doing it.

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    Welcome back Jitender :) it’s been a long time !

    You’re projects are always inspiring to read up on and very well documented with plenty of pics to drool over, lovely quality work as well

    Hope all goes well with this latest project, your gonna be busy :D
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    A nice little job there.

    Not quite as steep as this set that I have to negotiate occasionally.

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    Welcome back Jitender.[​IMG]
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    No handrail, not even rope, must be darn awkward to negotiate.
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    Have been doing it for years - normally stay there for a week in spring and a week in autumn and occasional other short visit. Yes, it is nasty and the worst is waking up at 3 AM needing a bathroom visit.
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    I will be installing a handrail fin future, I opted to have the staircase made with just the newel posts, I will be installing a wall mounted handrail.

    Manageable to climb, and prefer this to a pull down or loft ladder, need to make sure you use the outer side as more tread area. Headroom isn't great in the loft, when you reach the top tread you are more or less in line with the ridge line, if I had the headroom, could have had anther tread.

    I can recommend Stair Box for stairs, you can use their online designer, but I had to have mine custom made over the telephone.
  8. Jitender

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    Started putting in insulation, I went for Knauf acoustic slab at 75mm thick.


    Cables will be dropped in this void so have left this section empty. There is going to be 10 cables in total.

    Under stairs insulated.


    Started boarding, will be reboardig the bathroom ceiling. Foam used to fill the large void, and is trimmed back to accept undercoat plaster.
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    i like the way you put a noggin in to store screws tools etc ha ha

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