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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Rural13, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Rural13

    Rural13 New Member

    Hi, getting a log cabin ordered in a few weeks and have 3 alternatives.
    1/ Local tradesman 19mm t&g treated and installed £1900.

    2/ EdenPod... Anyone used this company? Can't find reviews, website and eBay shop.
    40mm t&g, £2250 delivered. Self build.

    3/ Tuin... mainly good reviews. Skov log cabin 28mm t&g £2049 delivered. Self build.

    Any thoughts/suggestions
    I quite like the challenge of the self build, doesn't seem to difficult and can call on help if needed. Just can't make a final decision
  2. Not got a cabin but my neighbour has the Skov log cabin with roof shingles, its solid enough to use as a second home, in fact his grand kids use it for sleep overs. He's had it for about two years with no problems. I would have one myself but don't have the space for the one I really want unless I plonk it where the patio is and that is forbidden according to the wife, so I made do with two smaller sheds, not ideal but does give me somewhere to hide :D
  3. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    Outrageous ... 19mm is barely a planked shed ... certainly not a log cabin.
    This would be my first choice for more research. They must have customers and their customers must be willing to be contacted as references. If not, then walk away. If you do manage to track down any references and they're good enough, then this would be my first choice. Is the wood pretreated? Dipped or pressure?
    Sounds OK, but 30% less wood than the 40mm one. Is it pretreated? How?
  4. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    It might help if you share the size of this log cabin with us........
  5. Rural13

    Rural13 New Member

    Thanks, the Skov is my favourite atheistical
  6. Rural13

    Rural13 New Member

    Hi Roger thanks for your reply.
    Pretty much dismissed the 19mm anyway but put it in there as an actual quote.
    Eden Pod have quoted an extra £100 to have the logs for the walls pressure treated, that seems reasonable to me.
    But need to do a bit more regarding reviews first, you mentioning it has encouraged me to dig a bit deeper
    I've emailed Tuin to find out about timber protection but no mention of it on their website so think I already know the answer. I'm considering upping the budget a touch as Tuin do 48mm t&g.
  7. Rural13

    Rural13 New Member

    Hi Wiggy, I'm looking in the region of 3mx3m.
  8. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    I build this sort of thing for a living and the price you have been given is a really good price.

    If you buy a pre built unit you will have to batten the inside to insulate and then board over, so you are looking at an extra, (ball park) + £270 for 50mm kingspan + £580 internal t&g cladding + any labour to put it up and do the internal work.

    Having someone build one gives you the chance to get it just as you want it.
    I dont rate the pre built units as they are.
  9. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    That would obviously be attached to 4x2 stud, plus the internal cladding, giving you a wall thickness of about 140mm
  10. Rural13

    Rural13 New Member

    The £1900 quote was for just a standard cabin with insulation in the floor.
    My thoughts now are to go with the thicker t&g and just insulate the floor and roof which I can do I my myself.
    With a small heater I'm hoping that would be sufficient for maybe 3 seasons ot of 4.
  11. Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones New Member

    Hello. Did you ever find an testimonials for these Eden Pod log cabins?
    They look like a decent company, but have deleted their social media by the looks of it.

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