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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Colin426, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I don't think it is a good idea to trap the bearers in any air tight membrane. I have always been aware of the need of a circulation of air around wood surfaces to prevent rot or mould infestations. Preventing exposure to the air in order to prevent water ingress I think is the wrong way to go. Water will get in over time and if you have a membrane trying to keep water out it may do the opposite and keep the water or moisture in. It would be better to find a way to ensure that water at the edges of the cabin can run away and not beneath the cabin. If possible it would be worth while finding a way to encourage air to circulate between the bearers.
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    As 'was dunc before' I added a point earlier. I laid my concrete on a 1000 gauge dpm and its kept out the constant damp which will rise from the ground. Rising damp will contribute more to damage timbers, and there will nothing you can do to rectify it after all the build has been done.

    If its too late for a dpm, then i would go for a few lengths of roofing felt and lay the timbers on that.

    The timbers need to be treated, and should last 25 years before any serious issues set in.

    For the job, that's about all you can do, unless you get into building brick piers or a structural raft; which will add to the time and cost.

    Also just because you put up a nice shed, don't expect monsoon rains to fall precisely on it all year long, as it won't. Normal rainfall will happen and guttering and a carefully placed downpipe will direct the water away from the base, and it will effectively stay dry throughout the year.
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    Just thought id dig up and old thread :)

    ... How did you get on with your base issues?
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    When I built my last shed, I used recycled plastic as bearers. A bit more expensive than timber but solves two problems in one, acts as damp proof carrier - will not wick up moisture and of course will never rot. I used https://www.filcris.co.uk/ but there are other suppliers which might be closer and save on delivery.

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