Log cabin damp bearers

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    Hi all. First post on here.

    We inherited a Dunster House 5m x 3m log cabin with our house purchase a couple of years ago. Inside was a bit of a spider heaven but it’s all been solid enough.

    It’s built on a concrete base (albeit bigger than the cabin walls which I understand isn’t ideal) and has 70mm pressure treated bearers from what I can tell from the manual. No idea what DPC was used but in the 3 years we’ve been here I’ve seen no signs of damp inside. It has plenty of ventilation with some vents that I fitted.

    I’ve started to improve it slowly with new doors and windows etc and a decent lick of paint.

    While painting I noticed that on the front right corner (what I think is a) bearer, a small piece appears to be rotten and is quite brittle when wet. I’ve yet to see what it’s like when it dries out because of bad weather. The floor inside at that point also seems a bit springy. I think it was because a lot of moss had been gathering on the concrete and was in contact with the wood for a long period of time?

    Question is, what’s the best way to tackle it? Could I take up some of the floor in the affected area and fix it that way?

    I even thought about fitting rain deflectors (like you get for UPVC doors) at the base in case of splash back from the concrete?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    No photo's, most likely too large, might need to resize them.

    Try Tinypic or similar.

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    There we go ^.

    I’ve circled where the issue is at ground level, I can get a proper picture of the cabin when the rain stops pouring!

    It seems like the corners of the bearer have rotted (or started to) away. The floor joists obviously run the other way and there are non near that corner. Hence the springy floor?
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    Anyone got any thoughts? Thanks

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