Long newel post no longer resting on floor

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    Hoping to get some advice and thoughts if I may. We currently have an ongoing insurance claim for subsidence - the cause of which has been identified and hopefully remedied. I envisage the ins company sorting this problem out but I wanted to check a couple of things out. The long newel post that spans from the hallway up to the landing is no longer touching the floor as the subsidence has meant the old quarry tiles have dropped and there is an approx gap of 10mm between the floor and the bottom of the newel post. I have machined a wedge which is now in place and steadying the post. But, clearly this isn't good at all. The floorboards on the landing around the newel are all over the place and creaking like nothing you have ever heard. My question I guess is this, would the entire newel need to be replaced or is there another fix? Would this newel provide structural support for the landing floor or mainly for the staircase? Assuming the newel does have to be fully replaced, can this be done without removing the whole staircase?

    I have added a couple of images. One highlighting where the floor has dropped and the other showing how high the post goes to the landing. Clearly not looking for absolutes, would just really appreciate some thoughts. Thanks in advance.

    stair1.jpg stair2.jpg
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    No it doesn't have to be replaced, it can live there quite happily for another hundred years with a packer or wedge under it provided there's no ongoing subsidence. It's possibly not doing much anyway being as the stairs have a cupboard underneath and the landing is supported off several joists.
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    Yep, jord has it spot on. the staircase is self supporting. The newel does not need to go to the floor, the trimmers and the walls and bottom of the flight carry the load. easy test get someone to walk up and down while you hold the side of the stairs, you may fell a slight bit of movement but no more than about 1 mm if at all.

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