Looking for advice on how to insulate a cold bathroom & one other question

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by AndycBtn, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. AndycBtn

    AndycBtn New Member

    Hi there

    I'm new to this forum so treat me gently !

    I have a friend whose bathroom feels quite cold & only has electric towel heaters for any kind of heating in there. (I will be replacing his current heating source at some point)

    The bathroom itself needs an overhaul & is one of the things that my friend wants doing.

    My thought is to use tiling board (which I believe has insulating properties) line all the outside walls with the tiling board & then use some kind/type of waterproofing on the inside surface prior to tiling.

    I also need some advice on what the best practice is when it comes to lining the bathroom walls with tiling boards - which I believe Screwfix sell.

    For example to stop any cold/damp penetrating from the outside walls do I need to have any kind of liner between the wall & the tiling boards, or leave an air gap using wooden laths etc...

    What's the best way forward seeing as I have not done this before ?

    Any advice welcome !

    And before you ask, the reason I'm doing it & not a builder is because he hasn't got the money to pay someone...so I'm doing it instead to save him some money...

    Many thanks

  2. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    What is teh current construction? Brick, stone, timber frame? Cavity or solid?

    And what is the finish? Plaster, plaster board?

    And how big is the room? Can it be reduced by say 50mm the outside wall?
  3. AndycBtn

    AndycBtn New Member

    Hi Pollowick...

    Construction is brick i believe with some kind of render on the outside - the whole building itself probably dates back to approx 1880-1900 something like that i guess. No idea if theres a cavity wall or not but probably not if its that old.

    So brick construction with a plaster surface on the interior - exterior is some kind of render which looks like its been added more recently than when it was first built.

    I say the whole area (currently the bathroom & loo are separate - which is going to be changed once the bathroom is redone) is approx 8-9ft in length by 4-5ft wide (not taken the exact measurements as yet)

    So whatever I use on the interior cant be all that thick. I don't think any insulating is going to work (personally) on the outside.


  4. AndycBtn

    AndycBtn New Member

    ...Also - which I forgot to mention - is that the flat is a basement flat so that needs to be taken into consideratio as well...

    the bathroom backs onto a bank if I recall...so only one side is open to the elements - one side (the rear) backs onto the bank which is below ground & the other side backs onto next door which im assuming is a brick wall...

    Does that extra info help ??


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