Low level shower tray?

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  1. Gazowl1975

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    Any recommend a 1400 long x800 or 900mm wide shower tray that's really slim in depth and supplied with a decent screen from a online supplier preferably?
  2. DIY0001

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    I used a Merlyn Level 25 1400 x 800 tray, although it is available in both of those sizes. Lots of online retailers have it, costing about £350. Very pleased with it now, although when originally installed it was lethally slippery. Like most solid trays, it needs a non-slip coating and, surprisingly, Merlyn actually recommended a competitor's product: JT Anti-Slip Kit. That works well,however I would recommend applying it before you fit the enclosure/screen, masking off the area that the enclosure will sit on the tray. The reason is that the coating sets in about 15minutes and it was just going off as I was finishing applying it because of limited access through the enclosure door. After applying the anti-slip coating, which is almost invisible (you have to shine a lamp at grazing incidence to see the slight roughened surface) I am very happy with the Merlyn tray.

    I used a Merlyn 10 Series Pivot Door & Inline Panel for the enclosure/screen as I preferred the solidness of 10mm glass to the lighter but thinner 8mm and 6mm options. Some online retailers supply the enclosure and tray as a kit, saving a bit over buying them individually. Got mine from QS Supplies.

    I finished it on Christmas Eve last year and its been used several times almost every day since and still looks freshly installed.
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  3. CGN

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    Frontline are decent and reasonably priced. Fitted quite a few last year.
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  4. Gazowl1975

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    How do you install your trays on bathroom floorboards lads strengthen tray area with ply and use a sealant/adhesive like ct1 or geocell to stick it down? Cheers
  5. Gazowl1975

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    Do you stick your trays down on ply over floorboards mate with ct1 or similar?
  6. DIY0001

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    I followed the instructions for the Merlyn tray, mainly because the warranty is void if any other installation method is used, so check the warranty on your tray.
    The warranty "approved" method is remove floorboards, add noggins around the drain to joists, cover with a sheet of marine ply (seal the faces and edges to avoid swelling) then a layer of cement and place the tray on top of that. Can't recall the exact thicknesses, but it worked out that the base of the tray was 3-5mm proud of the 22mm flooring panels, which after hardie-backer board and floor tiles made the 25mm tray about 10mm proud of the floor.

    I couldn't say if it is any better than alternative methods, but it works, isn't too difficult and didn't void the warranty.

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