Low pressure in Kitchen Hot Water Tap; Solution=Shower pump?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by sunama, May 9, 2007.

  1. sunama

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    I've just replaced the tap in my Kitchen as the old one was past its use by date.

    Anyway, I have low pressure from the hot water tap (it was like this with the old tap, too) and want to boost the pressure. I was told that I can boost the pressure using a shower pump; is this true? If so can someone recommend me a shower pump?

    The instructions state that I need to place the shower in close proximity to the hot water cylinder. Is this completely necessary? Why cant I place the pump underneath the kitchen sink?

    <u>Extra Details</u>
    I live on the ground floor. The hot water is fed from a hot water cylinder on the ground. Another water tank is about 1m above the cylinder, which is where I presume the hot water is getting its force to come out of the tap in the kitchen.
    The cold water is fed from the mains, hence the cold water pressure in the kitchen is excellent.

    The pump Ive got my mind on is the Salamander NP85 (single impeller, 2.57 bar).

  2. sunama

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  3. --------- plumbing

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    if you place it near your hot water cylinder it will boost all your hot taps better than just boosting the kitchen tap
  4. sunama

    sunama New Member

    Aahh, someone replies at last.

    The thing is that I dont want it to boost any other tap in the house; only the kitchen hot tap needs boosting.

    If it boosts say the bathroom hot tap, then this may cause an imbalance with the cold water tap, hence, now the cold water tap in the bathroom would need to be boosted also.

  5. Dick Puller

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    Aahh, someone replies at last..........sorry,........sorry keeping you waiting Sir!!! Is it just me or is this not just a complete waste of time & money. This plonker wants to increase his sink hot water pressure, what, to get the washing up done quicker, so you can start the ironing........*** be a man & get 'er indoors to do it. She's got smaller feet so she can get nearer the sink!!!!
  6. Captain Leaky

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    speak to Salamander, they are very helpful and will give you good advice.
  7. sunama

    sunama New Member

    I shall drop Salamander a line.
    Thanks Captain Leaky and ........Plumbing
  8. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    No- speak to them, chat it thru on the phone, much better that way.

    Salamander Pumps
    2-10 St Johns Street
    MK42 0DH

    Tel: 0845 377 9160
    Fax: 0845 377 9180

    Email: info@salamanderpumps.co.uk
  9. Dick Puller

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    I see there's no gratitude extended to ME!!!!!!
  10. changename-22437

    changename-22437 New Member

    Salamander are ** you want monsoon!

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  11. Willy Duwitt

    Willy Duwitt New Member

    Salamander are ** you want monsoon!

    Agreed, Salamander are not the best pumps in the world, but fitting a monsoon ( Stuart Turner ) is well OTT if it's just for a kitchen tap.

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  12. changename-22437

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    yeh i suppose so, they are big bucks aswell
  13. Dick Puller

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    Oh well, I'm pleased to see a couple of others think that it's OTT for a kitchen sink tap, but the OP has not come back, the missus must of dragged him back to the ironing!!!
  14. sunama

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    Here is the reply I got:

    All our pumps require an independant feed from the hot water cylinder. The pump has to be the 1st tee off the hot water cylinder and if you are intending mixing with the cold mains you will need to add and RCM3 to your pump so that it will work with cold mains.

    Ideally if you wish not to meet with the installation criteria then please do not expect to receive a warranty with the pump. What you are most probably looking for in your application is what we call an in line pump. We are the wrong company for this. You ideally need to speak with Pump World their number is 01793 820142.

    So, it seems that I need an inline pump, which is what I was originally thinking about. Im now thinking along the lines of an Eheim 1250 pump, connected underneath the sink. I have ordered this and shall let you guys know how I get on.

    Oh and BTW, there is no Mrs. to do the washing/ironing etc. I gotta do it all on my own, though I hardly ever get the iron out.
  15. sunama

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    I went ahead and installed a EHEIM1250 pump underneath my kitchen sink for the hot water tap. This did increase the water pressure, however, it just wasnt strong enough.

    I then emailed Stuart Turner regarding my problem:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Currently my (new) kitchen hot tap has a very low flow rate (approx 1.5litres/minute). In order to solve this I would like to install a pump, to boost the hot water flow and pressure to the said tap. The tap in question is a mixer tap and will mix hot water with mains cold water.

    The pump I intend to purchase for this use is: Stuart Turner Single 3.0Bar Positive Pump.

    My question:
    1. Can my choice of pump be used for the above purpose?
    2. Is there a more suitable pump for the above purpose?
    3. Is there a better method by which I could achieve a pressure boost in my kitchen hot water tap?

    Their reply:

    Dear Sir

    re your recent e mail

    If the mixer tap you are pumping to mixes within the body of the mixer you will require a negative head pump, either the 2 bar negative single or the 3 bar negative single depending on the required performance, either pump would require a dedicated 22mm supply, the installation manual for this pump can be downloaded from our web site www.stuart-turner.co.uk for your information.


    So, I went out and bought myself a Stuart Turner Negative, Monsoon Extra, Single, 2.3Bar pump. I got this on ebay for a bargain price of £127. The cheapest place selling this pump was around £300inc.

    Today it arrived and I fitted the pump.

    First impressions: its huge.
    FItting the pump: although it is recommended for the pump to be fitted using 22mm pipe fittings throughout, I used reducers and connected it using 15mm piping.
    After fitting the pump: I realised just how noisy it is and once again just how large it is. Even at just 2.3Bar, its pressure is phenomenal. When used with my pull-out spray tap, the pressure is so much that I cant turn the tap to full power, as the spray wets the entire area around the sink. The pressure pushed by this pump is greater than the pressure I get from the mains water supply, which the mixer tap is connected to.

    So there you have it. If you need a boost for one tap only, then you can still receive this boost without having to place the pump just after the water leaves the hot water tank. Of course, if you dont connect the pump in the way that Stuart Turner advise, you wont have any warranty, so its upto you if you are happy to take this risk.

    As an aside, due to the immense pressure being put out by this pump I am tempted to re-place the pump so that it is connected right after the hot water cylinder so that it boosts the pressure to all hot water taps around the house.

    I hope this thread helps someone else in a similar situation, in future.
  16. --------- plumbing

    --------- plumbing New Member

    As an aside, due to the immense pressure being put out by this pump I am tempted to re-place the pump so that it is connected right after the hot water cylinder so that it boosts the pressure to all hot water taps around the house.

    which was already advised on the 2nd answer to your original question.

    you would of saved all that f***** about

    gives me a headache

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  17. Sunama - you are an idiot - goodbye.
  18. lemezma

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    sledgehammer & cracking nuts come to mind
  19. Dick Puller

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    Is it just me or is this not just a complete waste of time & money.......................Listen to DP and you'll not go far wrong!!!!!!!!......Oh yes!!!!

    He ignored my advice and did not even thank me, I'm crushed!!!!!

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