Lowering garden near a boundary fence

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by EastMidsWoz, Jun 8, 2020.

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    My garden is on a pretty steep hill and I would like to terrace it to create 3 flat sections. The bottom 30% is the steepest and to minimize the shadow case on my conservatory and patio I would like to flatten it so its patio level.

    My plan is to dig a trench of about 3' 6" deep, put a form in then pour a concrete to create retraining wall which will later be clad in wood or tile.

    There is a boundary fence to the right so I wont be able to flatten up to that but is there a calculation for how close I can go up to the fence? I was thinking 2ft from the fence to the start of the concrete with a 1ft deep concrete wall?


  2. Mark Brister

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    Hi Warren
    Always difficult to responding to questions like these as they are quite technical and it is difficult to accurate advice without seeing photos or being there.
    What you are suggesting sounds fine, with regards to the boundary fence, only a qualified engineer would be able to give you an accurate calculation but we sometimes use an angle of repose, which basically means any load on the higher side should have a minimum bearing of 45degrees. Google it, and it will explain in more detail.
    Good luck

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