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  1. OK so the tank is on and the pipework is laid, we now have to fill the trench back in, but the ground we have dug out is full of stones old broken house bricks old slate, tiles and bits of glass, we managed to get a fairly smooth base by going down to the clay level,
    We were thinking of covering the lpg pipe in the trench with lengths of half curved Guttering pipes which we would cover in yellow gas pipe warning stickers and then fill trech back in, idea being the guttering would protect the pipe.....
    Is this a good or bad idea and reasons why?
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    When there is a possibility of the trench base or back fill damaging the gas pipe,the gas pipe could be run in a purpose made conduit/ducting set centrally in compacted soft sand.

    what does your gas installer recommend ? remember its a new installation ;)
  3. Hi, I initially asked the lpg supplier and although he didn't rule it out he said that he would be concerned about the guttering pipe being black and not readily visible and it possibly being dug through, but we thought that as the guttering is quite tough that's less likely to get damaged as the LPG pipe and would protect it, so that's when we thought about the gas safe stickers all over the guttering pipe the full length of the trench
  4. We need to start this as soon as possible today so need to know if it's feesible
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    there is always a possibility of the buried gas pipe being dug up and damaged,if the route is in a vulnerable position then other considerations are required before installation.Every installation is different.

    Purpose manufactured Gas duct/conduit is yellow in colour and above the compacted sand the underground yellow marker tape is laid then back filled. Easily identified when digging :).

    Upside down guttering laid over the gas pipe is not recommended,it could convey concentrated leaking lpg underground towards the property or the storage tank. purpose made products are perforated so will not convey or hold leaking gas.

    Doubt its really diy,someone will need to commission and sign off the installation.
  6. OK, many thanks for taking time to respond quickly, most appreciated :)
  7. O/h has suggested drilling holes in the guttering would this help, the pipe incidentally runs down the length of our back garden, sloping away from the house.
  8. Failing that where can we get our hands on a length of the conduit pipe you suggested in Worcester area available to buy in store
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    Personally I would do the job properly and get the right conduit.

    I would lay the pipe on a bed of pea shingle similar to how drainage is laid.

    Also, as mentioned above use the warning tape.
  10. OK thanks, interesting as guy from gas company supplying the tank said just fill it back in, no need for sand or pea shingle just take out the big stones rocks etc!!
  11. Oh just a thought, the pipe has already been laid and connected to the house and tank, how do we get the Conduit on now??

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