LV Electronic Transformers.

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by finjon, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. finjon

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    I put a plugtop on some lv lights I just done to get some light while I was working. I had one lamp in when I did, it worked. Put the rest of the lamps in. None worked. After checking for voltage, and finding it on all of them, was on the verge of phoning the wholesaler to complain, before I plugged out and plugged back in. Lo they all worked. Also, why are test lamps no good for checking the secondary voltage on electronic trafos?
  2. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    A guess here, but I reckon your test lamp will not measure anything under 110V so it won't pick up 12VDC or 24V....
  3. sparkydude

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    The reason you couldnt get a multimeter to register the voltage is electronic transformers only output a voltage when a load is connected, ie, a lamp, so with nothing working it will not register on the meter. The reason it didnt work is i believe they have a built in overload device, or undervolt device so if a lamp is removed it will switch itself off, until you turn the power on again it will remain latched in that position

    hope this helps

  4. finjon

    finjon New Member

    So, that explains it . I'll have to rig up a lamp on a lead, and keep it in my toolbox.
    Under-volt and over-volt protection. I'll tuck that one away in the old memory bank for future reference. It doesn't inspire confidence when you can't explain why things happen.
    (I've had my test lamps for years. Falling apart, but still working. They have a range of 12-415V.)

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