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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by John Bunyan, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. John Bunyan

    John Bunyan Member

    Just tried my new v tuff stack vac and I'm not very impressed and wished I'd paid another 100 for a Makita one. Connected the v tuff to a Makita mitre saw and plunge saw and a fair bit of MDF dust escaped. Why on earth do they state these m class Hoover's capture 99.9% of dust when this one collects no where near?
    Has anyone had better success with a Makita one? Need help with this
  2. GS63

    GS63 Member

    As far as I can tell the dust collectionon most mitre saws is **** no matter what kind of vac you attach. ( I have a Makita mitre saw ).

    Don't own a track saw but I've seen a few You Tubers tape over the opening on the side of the guard to improve dust collection.

    We have a V-Tuff M class vac and have been quite happy with it. We run it with a Dust Deputy cyclone & collector - saves on vac bags.
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  3. John Bunyan

    John Bunyan Member

    Ok thanks for that. I may end up keeping it if someone says the makita isn't much better. Yes I taped over the side on the plunge saw but even the plunge saw let out dust. I've seen those cyclones. Do they have any effect on the power of suction?
  4. woodbutcherbower

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    See my post on the other M-class thread, mate.
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  5. GS63

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    Suction seems pretty good but I haven't done scientific cyclone vs no cyclone tests.

    Just to clarify: Our V-Tuff is the smallest model

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