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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Jackson Fraser, Dec 19, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    I'd appreciate some feedback/nod in the right direction on my plumbing plan.

    I had a bath installed in my loft a couple of weeks back and I'm now wanting to tackle the toilet and basin. I've already got the water supply done but now I've got to sort the waste. Given the location of the toilet (the loft), I'm having to go down the macerator route (Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC4C). The maximum output pipe size of that machine is 32mm and i'm wondering if it would be possible to bring it out at 32mm convert it up to 40mm and to join the preexisting bath waste on a tee for the final meter or so. I would also assume I need to fit a check valve to ensure the macerator doesn't pump the toilet waste back up the bath pipe.

    Grateful for any advice! Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 22.33.13.png
  2. Firstly, macerators are the work of the Devil himself. On a particularly bad day. So one would only fit one if there is absolutely no way that a traditional soil could be installed and you really, really have to have a WC in that position.
    Secondly, do not connect the macerator output to any other waste pipe, run it independently to the soil stack. (And definitely do not terminate it in a gulley like I saw a while back)
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  3. just pumps

    just pumps Screwfix Select

    As said ^^^ run seperate pipe all the way, the nrv will cause problems.
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