Mains Water Supply Alteration

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    Round black plastic is my meter and supply. Shut of valve is working to isolate the supply. The cast iron cover is for downstairs flat.


    Trench open, water supply pipes were located at around 750mm depth. Yellow is the gas Pipe. Had a guy helping dig the trench as can see his feet! Soil was heavy clay further down:(

    Closer view of water pipes. Both are 25mm MDPE. The problem is finding which one is mine?
    Friend told me to mut ear to pipes and have water running to help identify my pipe. I was about 90% sure the bottom was mine, but wanted to make 100% sure. If I cut the wrong pipe, It would be hard to isolate as other supply has a seized stop tap...


    Pipe now cut, and happy i got the correct one!

    Decided to use an elbow rather than a straight connectors, as the radius bend was to much. Used ducting to cover the pipe. The other length of pipe will supply the outside. I want to be able to isolate the supply from inside, hence two pipes going into the duct.

    Pipework checked and filled in with 10mm pea gravel. The out supply is capped off for now with stop end, as waiting for next phase of job, which will involve a digger. Don't fancing digging a trench over 13 meters long.:(

    Pipes entering inside the porch. The one with the stop tap is the live supply coming in. The other pipe will be going out.

    In my bathroom, the old supply pipe is now redundant, and no more garden hoses running out of the window!

    Removed the pipe rising to my flat from inside neighbors bathroom and filled hole.

    MDPE cut above floor level and filled in with some foam for now neighbor can decide to cut this flush with floor at a later date.
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    Using a trench cover plate for the main part of the tech, as cant back fill the whole trench, as still need to get electrical supply to outside.

    The gas pipe was something I wanted moving, but been quoted too much with Cadent.

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