Makita 18v Li-Ion kit bag.

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by scoot2001, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. scoot2001

    scoot2001 New Member

    I recently bought the Makita 18v sds drill following on from recommendations on this forum, and very pleased with it aI am to :)
    However I am getting few up with all the flaming boxes, I now have 5 18v batteries, 2 chargers, 2 combi drills, an impact driver and now an sds drill. Oh and a torch.
    I did have a saw as well but that has mysteriously walked from a job last week.

    Just wondering what the big Makita kit bags are like (the one with wheels that comes with the 6 piece combo sets). I'm seriously thinking about buying one and ditching all my cases for my 18v stuff and chucking it all in one big bag, I reckon it will save space in the van and save me time on site.

    Anyone using one to carry their 18v kit, are they up to the job ok?
  2. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    I just have big open boxes in the van and tale out what I need when I need it. Seemples ;)
  3. scoot2001

    scoot2001 New Member

    Had a similar set up in last van Leaky, I had big ply boxes into which my smaller power tool boxes went and the ply boxes slid out like big drawers. But I seemed to just end up fighting with jammed cases in the ply boxes so had just been stacking them in van up til now.
    Or do you mean you just keep your drills/etc and batteries in one big box without the manufacturers cases (that doesn't seem a bad idea)?
    I'll prob change my van early next year and put a bit more thought into racking it out but I do like the idea of one or two big bags or containers containing powertools and batteries. Just take em out on site and job done, no more going back to van for spare batteries, another drill, etc.
  4. lojo

    lojo New Member

    Ive just got the big kit bag for all my Li Ion kit, seems to work ok
  5. timber ninja

    timber ninja Member

    i had the bag originally when i got the kit.

    it was ok, but i dislike having everything jumble together.

    after a little trial and error i settled on using a wheeled tool box, you know the ones, job chest or some such. it fits all my lithium kit in: impact,sds, jig, circular, drill, angle drill and charger plus 6 batteries.

    and the tray fits all my drill bits, blades etc.

    ive been using this for about a year, all my corded tools are in another wheeled box that matches. and my hand tools are in a 3rd box but that one has 2 trays.

    having said that i am thinking of storing all the tools in the van in a permanent rack/drawers/shelf system and
    just having an empty wheeled box to put them in. that way i only need to drag what i need as it gets seriously heavy to drag that lot up stairs.

    anyone know where i can get another wheeled box with two trays? the last place i bought one from has stopped stocking them.
  6. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    I bought some cheap flight cases from maplin (£15) with foam inside. Can easily get two cordless tools in one case - with batts fitted and some blades etc. in the lid.

    Not the most elegant of solutions, but e.g. I have 18v DeWalt combi drill and impact driver in the same case, along with 2 sets of drill bits (in cases) and a set of driver bits. A recip saw and jigsaw in another case, etc.

    Easy to stack in the van, easy to carry - and fit easily in Van Vault.

  7. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    It's a perennial problem, the best way to 'gear up'. Problem is that advice is difficult as we all carry different stuff!

    I had a escort that I put a false floor in 180mm up and then fitted a massive slide out drawer the 6' length of the van, it held loads but was too heavy really and you still end up carrying loads of boxes into the job.

    Nowadays, I have a rolling tool chest now which holds loads and lots of nooks and crannies for bits and bobs. I then pile the individual cases (drills etc) on the top and I have a fantastic sacktruck like this and I can go anywhere taking everything with me.

    The sack truck is a greatly underrated tool (IMHO), it does more work than my apprentice with no noticeable loss in conversation!
  8. clarky74

    clarky74 New Member

    The bags them self are great, however I didnt like it for storing the tools in the van, so I also keep them in an open box (recycling box)Because they are the most commonly used tools they need to be easily acessible.
  9. fitwelll

    fitwelll New Member

    would not advise buying the bag, ive had 4 , wheels broke on 2 of them and all the zips no longer zip, its poor by makita standards. have a stanley rolling tool box and they all go in that and bits, blades etc go in the compartments. and the tools stay dry and you can pop some padlocks on lid when you go for breaks. cheers hope this helps..
  10. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    Totally agree about the stanley rolling chest (see link up there).

    You can sit on it, stand on it, and they hold loads. The v grooves in the top are very useful for cutting threaded bar etc. and they are tough as heck too.

    The only criticism really is that mine weighs a bloomin ton now! It takes a bit to get it into the truck! They are ideal for your basic, go anywhere kit with separates for the the less used power tools etc.

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