Makita DHP 453 LXT Drill FIX or THROW?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by GaryJClay, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. GaryJClay

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    Hi all,

    After several years of service my Makita cordless has now died. Whilst drilling into a sleeper smoke began to flow from the back of the unit. I stopped immediately but the drill whilst still turning doesn’t have any power.
    Is this a fixable or a ditchable issue?
  2. KIAB

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    Poor Makita.[​IMG]

    Need a very good cordless to drill sleepers, I've struggle to drill them with a large mains drill,as to your Makita,not worth repairing in my opinion,as you most likely fried windings,etc.
  3. JustPhil

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    They’re only about 40 quid body only, I’d replace. Consider a stronger rated model. Or if you’re batteries are past best, get a package deal.
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  4. KIAB

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  5. Joe the Plumber

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    If you can afford it, the DHP481Z is a wonderful tool.
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    My drills followed the same grave :(
  8. Jitender

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