Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by clarky74, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. clarky74

    clarky74 New Member

    I was looking at buying a gas nailer and was wondering if anyone Has used or owns the makita gas 1st fix gun?
    is it as good as the paslode IM350?
    can you use paslode nails and gas with it?
    if not are the makita nails/gas comparable in price?
  2. DewaltÆ User

    DewaltÆ User New Member

    yes you can use paslode nails in it,
  3. timber ninja

    timber ninja Member


    bear in mind that the requirements are changing for nails in . . . .march if i remember correctly.

    certain situations will require full head nails! not clipped,thats part of the reason paslode has brought out the new gun.

    oh and makita did have a few teething problems with the 1st generation of gn900s . . . .not that im trying to put you off.
    i LOVE makita,just wanted to give you a heads up

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