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  1. Neo4403

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    Hoping to get some advice on the below from experts here...

    We are in the process of buying a property and noticed that there is a manhole in Utility room. The Utility room is part of the main house and has a door into the house hallway. This was also picked up during the building survey.

    This manhole is more than 3M deep with iron step ladder into to access the drain pipes. The manhole cover is not double or triple sealed, we could lift it easily (although heavy) with a key as there was no safelock. When this cover was opened we could smell something unpleasant but there was no evidence of leak.
    The building surveyor said that the foul pipe from neighbour's property also joins there and both then join the public sewer pipe just outside this property. As its a probate property the vendor doesnt have any information on this or build over agreement from Thames Water.

    We contacted Thames Water, Building inspectors, local council and none of them are very helpful. Building inspectors said the manhole should be double sealed atleast as the gases could be toxic and said that we put an application if this can be relocated (they said this is difficult and could cost several thousands of Pounds!!)
    Thames water doesnt care as this is not a public sewer manhole.

    But we have few questions:
    1. Is it legal to have the neighbour's foul pipe connected to this drain?
    2. Should the utility room be demolished and leave the manhole outside of the property?
    3. Can this manhole be relocated and have the utility room not demolished?

    Thank you.

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  2. KIAB

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    You posted about this other day.
  3. Neo4403

    Neo4403 New Member

    No i replied to an old thread but didnt receive any feedback. So started a new thread hoping someone can advice. Is that a problem?
  4. koolpc

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    Looks like that could easily drain your finances
  5. KIAB

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    Nope,thought it was a double post.
  6. kiaora

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    If another property joins your foul drain, from that point it’s a public sewer.

    it’s only a private sewer when only one property is ‘using it’

    check out the details on the website of any uk water undertaking

    good luck

  7. KIAB

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    And therefore it belongs to Thames Water,so I suppose they could knock down your ultilty room, if they need to gain access to repair pipe.

    Think I would walk away from this house,potential can of worms.
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  8. Neo4403

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    Thank you all for the advice, we will be pulling out from this purchase.
  9. KIAB

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    Wise decision.:)
  10. Astramax

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    Money pit, sensible move.
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