Marking Cables as dead?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Daniel_77p, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Daniel_77p

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    Hi, Had some cables running in metal conduit in wall. The switch to the cable has been removed. And cabe cut and made safe under floorboards but still have cable sticking up between wall under floorboards. It's not live and I've just wrapped in black insulation tape. Do I need to do anything else?
  2. Richard_

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    You'll get better answers posting in the Electricians Talk section.

    In the last house I refurbed our new circuits were the 3rd set in that house. It's quite common to leave the old cables and impossible to remove the ones embedded in walls. Having said that I do try to clear the floor voids of the old lead pipes and cables. The sparky and plumbers think I'm mad wasting time on that but at least I know the voids are respectably clear.
  3. Masher

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    I'm not a qualified electrician so don't know if his is right or not but I've just had a rewire done by a qualified electrician who has a very good reputation and any cable he couldn't remove he wrapped the ends of the old cables in insulation tape and wrote dead with permanent marker next to the tape. Hope this helps.
  4. Richard_

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    Marking cables may be useful for the sparky as they decommission, it's like ticking "done" on each cable.

    BYT BUT BUT if you come along later it is prudent to check the cable yourself each time.

    Never assume the writing is correct.
  5. Daniel_77p

    Daniel_77p Member

    Thanks. I've got some zip ties that you can write on... will do that.

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