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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by MCMikie, May 10, 2020.

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    When taking carpet up, found old marley vinyl tiles glued on with bitumen (house built in 70's). As these have small amounts asbestos and some were loose or cracked, I removed them all with p3 mask & Hvac etc. Then to seal the bitumen, I used Leyland trade heavy duty floor paint. Its gone on, but has changed colour from a grey to a pale green almost immediately. It stays grey where there are parts of the bitumen floor that I PVA'd a few weeks ago after some tiles came loose by themselves. Probably should have used Arditex NA SLC on the bitumen, or sealed it first - I was rushing. So Im guessing I need to put another coat on or two until it stops changing colour...The bitumen is also meant to have asbestos in it also but pretty stable - just needs screeding or painting over. So Im a bit concerned that the colour change means something isnt right and that the paint wont stick properly longer term or that the bitumen isnt properly sealed. I plan to put more carpet down on top. Any advice would be gratefully received on how I should proceed.

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    I took my tiles up and put flooring paper over then carpet. Some years later I put plastic over then laminate flooring. We also tiled kitchen so 2 pack floor leveler to stick and make good surface then tiled over.
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    PVA was the wrong choice here to seal the floor - I recon it’s going tacky when the paint is applied and going back to a semi liquid state and changing the paint finish as it dries

    SBR would have been the better choice here

    Looks like PVA but chemically totally different - can’t tell you what - could google it but then so could you ! :)

    PVA is often used in the wrong situation and seems to be considered as the great panacea to cure all manner of sealing jobs ..... reality is, plastering is it main use I would think

    So SBR over the lot, 2 coats, likely dilution rate 1-4 water but check container

    If carpet is going back over (with underlay I assume) skip the painting stage

    2 SBR
    Enjoy :)
  4. MCMikie

    MCMikie New Member

    Thanks guys. I had already put a second coat of the floor paint, because although it changed colour it went down well and adhered properly even to the areas that had PVA. The second coat didnt change colour. So my guess is that oil from the bitumen made its way into the first coat but once that cured, it was held. I like the look of SBR, looks really good for damp protection. I was going to put a DPM coat on originally but my neigbours with the same house design said they had taken tiles up and not had any damp problems (they had put ceramic tiles on top) so it seems the floor doesnt need it. Main thing is I think the bitumen is now encapsulated. Thanks again.

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