Masons Mitre how do you do yours ?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Davebuilder, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Davebuilder

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    When I'm doing a masons mitre either male or female I do the first pass just a few mm deep. Then use a circular saw and jigsaw to cut most of the excess off.

    1 The reasons I do it is because i work on my own so easier to support the waste and cut with a saw than try and use a router and support the waste.

    2 It's less work for the router and bit as well even though I always use a new bit on a new job.

    So do you's do the same or let the router do the work ?
  2. kitfit1

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    I let the router do the work when cutting a female joint because 99% of joints i do are 10mm, so there is very little waste to start with. On a male joint i cut the length 15mm oversize anyway, which again gives very little waste to start with. I use this method because most tops i do are Acrylic and the less Acrylic that needs to be routed the less strain the cutting is for both myself and the router. Obviously there isn't as much strain with chipboard/laminate tops, but i still use the same method.
  3. LTG

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    I tend to just do it in 4 passes if possible. You normally need a new cutter for every kitchen anyway, so i do all the cutting with router. It saves wasting time with a jigsaw. Also use an old cutter for the bolt holes as well.
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  4. kitfit1

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    Not if you use the Trend replaceable cutter router bit. They easily last longer than a month just using one side (in laminate/chipboard), then another month using the reverse side. Have been using this for the last 15 years or so and can safely say a box of cutters lasts a year or more. The quality and sharpness of the tungsten in the replaceable blades is far far superior to the normal fixed twin bladed £15 ones. No need to use an old cutter for the bolt holes either, it takes them in it's stride.

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