massive electricity bills (Fusion) electric wet heating system

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Margaretk76, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    Hi This is a lot to get thro so please bear with me.........Pics attached if they help!
    Brief history................been in current flat for just over a year signed up to SSE hydro economy 10 tariff pay £100 per month by Direct Debit (no gas available at house its all electricity) few months after moving in got hit with massive £1600+ bill from SSE...............kick start massive investigations as to why we are using so much juice! (just me and partner in house 3 bedroom 4 in a block)
    Moved in Jan 2015 and so far total spend for electricity is £3685.92 up to 31.03.2016 with us using total of
    13729 units on off peak rate tarrif and 14608 units on peak rate tarrif.
    Done loads of experiments by turning stuff off yadda yadda.............just me in during the in lounge on fridge freezer on sky box and internet thingy and alarm clock at the bed are the only other things on. Heating set to come on a maximum of 5 hours a day at the cheaper times, Hot water set to come on max 2 hours per day again at cheaper rates.
    took some readings at 3pm 29.3 Rate 1 (23821) Rate 2 (34033)...................switched my boiler off
    took some readings at 3pm 30.3 Rate 1 (23826) Rate 2 (34039) used 11 units in total
    switched boiler back on ..............................
    took some readings at 3pm 31.3 Rate 1 (23829) Rate 2 (34077) used 41 units
    most of that at the peak rate is my boiler doing something at night I am not aware off?
    when calculating my usage from the total of the 434 days i have lived here i am averaging 65.29 units of electricity per day (trust me my maths is solid)
    I got my hands on an SSE Energy Monitor which tracks your usage and monthly spend........i almost died !!!
    as soon as the heating or hot water comes on it says i am using massive kwh and my monthly spend will be over £600 the exact reading on the monitor this morning at 6:45 am was £975pm for current usage. Readings on the monitor are showing most of the juice is overnight but nothing is set to come on!!

    Can anyone help please I am going crazy trying to figure out what the fudge I am doing wrong!

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  2. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

    Not a pro sparks, but 434 days at 65.29 units/day = 28,335 units. Divided by what you have spent - £3685 gives about 7.7p/unit average which doesn't sound far away from a mix of off peak and day time rates. My guess is that the meter is recording correctly, and your boiler is horribly inefficient. I recall about 8 years ago we temporarily rented a large old house, and we burned £3-400 in combined leccy and gas per month - way more than we had been used to. £3685 / 15 months is £245/month - high but not so high it looks that exceptional. My suspicion is there is nothing actually wrong, just inefficient equipment.

    If it's a rented flat, you are fairly stuffed - either factor in the inefficient system, or move. If it's yours, then I would be investigating alternative heating systems.
  3. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    Hi property is rented from the council, neighbours bills are all less than half of what ours currently sit (confirmed by energy company and neighbour) old lady upstairs is £30 per week and she leaves heating and hot water on all the time! We are now at a heat our home and have hot water is costing more than the rent!
  4. Smokey

    Smokey Active Member

    Contact your Council's Housing Dept; as Landlord they must take some responsibility here.
  5. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    Council electrician due tomorrow.................
  6. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    Why are there two meters in series? is one a test meter. Obviously the electrical install looks pretty new but look at the state of those other cables coming off the 3 phase head.

    The boiler looks like one of those thermal stores, horrible things that always break.
  7. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    I have a check meter from sse at my insistance and as for the phase 3 no idea what that means haha

    ....surely i have no need for thermal store as system all wet and not storage heaters????
  8. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Hmmmm the two left hand side cut outs - these must supply two other dwellings within the block - is it possible that somehow your meter (don't ask me how because I don't know) is sensing other peoples electricity usage?
  9. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    A thermal store is like an immersion tank but it works the opposite way round. A tank full of water gets heated by a couple of immersion heaters and there is a coil/heat exchanger inside it. It has the advantage of being like a combi boiler with mains pressure water run through it without all the complicated blow offs associated with pressurised water cylinders.

    You may not have a thermal store, I cant really tell what it it, although if it was just a normal hot water tank I would have expected to see something round in the picture.
  10. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    Hi JP this is what I am thinking i just cannot justify how we are being billed for 63 units per day for our electricity when we only have at max 5hrs heating per day and 3 hrs hot water and all are set to come on at the cheaper rate times ( i have checked and double checked the times)

    and i am in a 4 in a block lady upstairs says she has heating and water on 24/7 and her bill to Scot Pow is only £30 a week max £120 PER MONTH .................i feel as if we are supplying the whole village!

    And as many people are in the same boat I cannot afford these massive bills! the electricity cost is more than my rent!!!
  11. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member


    to clarify have been told water tank is in old lady upstairs loft..................
    am i sharing a tank and i am footing the bill to heat the water???

    old lady is nice upstairs she has no problem letting me in with electrician tomorrow..........
  12. sparky Si-Fi

    sparky Si-Fi Screwfix Select

    If the meters are stating whats been used then thats whats been used, they are rarely incorrect and are more accurate than the old moving dial analogue flavours.

    You might have to stump this bill up (I hope not for your sake)
  13. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    Thanks sparky.....................

    my point is ok the meter may be ok but is there a problem elsewhere?
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  14. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Definitely something really amiss Marg - I cant really think of anything else apart from clamping the live tail and seeing what kind of amperage is being drawn at various times of the day. What make of electric boiler is it Marg?
  15. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member


    Its a FUSION but cant get a model number or anything I have downloaded a user manual but cant make head nor tail of it................. as i confess i aint got a bloody clue about em!

    and no idea what anything else you said means hahaha
  16. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    I don't know what thermal stores are - I mean have you got a DHW with say two elements and one are both of the elements are not switching off due to faulty thermostats? Or I note that the system is probably S Plan - maybe the dhw element/s are permantley on when they are not required?
  17. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    you might as well have been talking swahili ..............

    no idea what all that meant under the boiler is two white boxes is that what you mean??
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
  18. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    these are better pictures if that helps
  19. sparky Si-Fi

    sparky Si-Fi Screwfix Select

    Ask SSE sparks to put a clamp meter on the tail to see whats its pulling in current, but I would be surprised if anything is wrong apart from thirsty kit connected. .
  20. Margaretk76

    Margaretk76 Member

    sse guy asked me to ask this question to council electrician

    is it wired into the fifth terminal??

    what does that mean?

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