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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Sean, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Sean

    Sean New Member

    Any idea the maximum amount of extensions I can run from the master phone socket?
  2. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    dont know the maximum no of extensions ive got 4[ive got a phone socket in 7 locations]your phones should add up to no more than 4 ren [for ringing purposes]most phones are about 1
    you can have more but they may not all ring

    big all
  3. is it not easier to get a DECT phone into master socket, and use (upto 6) slave handsets!

    just run the one extention for office/modem i guess!
  4. Shake

    Shake New Member

    Makro have a pack of 4 dect phones (base plus 3 slaves) for £29.99 plus VAT.

    Have not seen packs of 6. If you buy separate items to make up 6 they must be GAP compatible or they wont communicate with the base station.
  5. jj

    jj New Member

    You can have an unlimited number of extention sockets, but as above, you should only have a maximum REN of four to guarantee all the phones will ring. Most phones/ansaphones are 1 REN each.

    DECT phones are a good option. You can usually register upto 7 handsets on one base unit.
  6. TeleBell

    TeleBell New Member

    As has already been said the maximum REN is 4, generally a phone is 1 but answer machines and fax's etc can be 1.5. You can have as many secondary sockets as you like. you can buy a device which increases the number of REN's to 10.
  7. frdsvid

    frdsvid New Member

    BT do a mains operated booster box which plugs into one of your telephone sockets and allows you to have as many ringing telephones as you want. Maplins sell them for about £40.00. All the extensions (above the normal 4) have to be plugged-in or wired from the box.

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