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  1. busy builder

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    £75 seems abit steep just to fit a door. I realise in a newish house its much easier than in a country cottage.

    I ask for around £35 per door in modern house and £45 (both plus hinges etc) in old properties to allow for extra work involved. Quite often see 5" hinges and surface mounted locks. Also jambs, floors etc aren't straight.

    Just out of interest which is best if the frame is out of square at the top and side in a 100-200 year old cottage ?

    Cut door to side or top ? I ususally go for cut the top and put in straight to the hinge side (if you see what I mean).
  2. goldenboy

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    £75 is a fair price and I have plenty of takers at that price. £35 is a bit low in my opinion but each to their own.In terms of casings being out of square generally I will trim the top to suit unless the hinge side jamb is very out of plumb or unless the doors are part of a meeting pair. Trouble with trimming the stile is that say if the head is 6mm out then that will not be hugely noticable but if you trim the stile in that scenario you will end up taking say 15mm off the stile which will be much more noticable.
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    hello diyhopeful. i have hung 6 doors however one of them is warped- i noticed you left a thread some time ago about straightening warped doors and wondered if you had any of those magnets you talked about using? appreciate any help!
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    Sorry about this big all but most magnetic catches I've used have difficulty holding a door shut let alone correcting a warp.
  6. big all

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    i actualy fully agree with you
    most magnetic catches need tinkering
    you need to dismantle the catches remove the 2 plates and remove a triangle from the 1mm at the centre at the back and 3mm at the edges to give the catches the 5mm play required for maximum performance

    magnetic catches will only pull on thin doors between 12 and 21mm in thickness and where there is a bit off give

    certainly no good for heavy thick room doors ;)

    big all
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    in essex they always trim doors from the top down, maybe thats the reason for so many 'half doors' in the basildon area.

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