McAlpine EN 274 3 P trap pipe

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    Hi there,

    I'm looking to purchase this p trap with the code on it above. I've checked and there are both sizes 32mm and 40mm. What exactly is this measurement? Is it the diameter of the pipe? Not sure what one would be correct for my under sink trap. Thanks
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    This code

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    Post a photo of the whole trap and also is it a kitchen sink or bathroom basin? A kitchen sink will be 40mm and a basin will be 32mm
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    1. The number you are quoting is a British Standard number, not a manufacturer's code.
    2. Have a look on the Mcalpine web site for a trap like your existing one.
    3. Look at ASC10 for sink, ASA10 for basin.
    4. However, it looks like an adjustable trap, which may have just slipped down. If so:
    4a. Remove the white plastic nut just above the leak.
    4b. On the pipe above (may come off with the trap) there should be (in ascending order)
    4c. A cone shaped black rubber washer. The narrow side of the cone should face downwards and goes inside the edge of the trap.
    4d. A red or blue or white plastic washer. This should bear on the broader side of the cone and prevent it rotating when the nut is tightened.
    4e. Clean the bits, end of pipe and trap, then reassemble in the order above.
    4f. The nut should only need to be hand tightened, or if you must, hand tight and 1/4 turn with grips. (Depends on the hands!)

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