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  1. Lincselectrical

    Lincselectrical New Member

    Is mdf a fire resistant material? heard chippy to day say it has a fire resistant material put in during manufacture. only ask as client wants spots built into cupboard that has mdf top.
  2. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Without recourse to google and having trashed a fair few MDF cupboards in the process of demolition..can say it is in fact a very dense material and would in fact be very hard to set on fire proper (face on,dunno about edge on) so with the appropiate spots would not class it as a fire hazard.
  3. Lincselectrical

    Lincselectrical New Member

    Cheers JP, that answers good for me, another job to add to the list. Might go for LV spots to be safe tho.
  4. X

    X New Member

    Most mdf kitchen cabinet suppliers use the surface mounted downlighters with 10 / 20W 12v G4
  5. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Lincs as to wether it is actually classed as fire resistant I cannot answer..however was blowing a plumbing joint near joists a while back and used a piece of MDF for a burnt (believe it is made out of compressed cardboard) but only on the surface and extinguished itself after flame was withdrawn..wether that is a good thing to say if you can or cannot mount the LV's might be open to other opinion.
  6. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Cheers X..:)
  7. RMH

    RMH New Member

    Standard MDF is no more fire resistant than plywood, blockboard or any sheet wood material. You can buy fire resistant MDF but obviously its more expensive.
    If required you can paint standard MDF with an intumescent paint to increase its fire resistance if needs be.
    As for fitting spots in to it, I could'nt say one way or another.

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