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    Hi everyone,

    Will try my best to explain the issue, I have a Megflo in my appartment, it was installed by the last owner, only recently the boilor was not working, a Megaflo engineer came he only reset it, he said sometimes they just go off when it gets too hot, but he was saying the boilor was not installed properly as only the lower element is connected / wiring, and the top element just nothing, not connected / there is no wire, he said both top and lower elements should be both installed, so what do I do now? do I need to do re-wiring or extra wiring to the fuse box? thanks.
  2. terrymac

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    If there is no circuit for the immersion heater to be connected to ,you would need an electrician to install one.
  3. MGW

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    It may be it was considered it does not need the top one. The idea of top and bottom is so that off peak you can heat whole tank but should one run short of water at peak times the top one will cut in, if you do not have a off peak supply then not really required.

    With old poorly insulated tanks, then less losses if only heated the top, but with a modern well insulated tank not really required.

    Biggest problem with mains pressure tanks is having to get the annual test, an expense I can do without.
    That does not seem to make sense, and I wonder if some miss understanding of what he has said? The megaflo can do many things, including integrating systems to work together, Torrent pipe example.PNG the picture shows how it can combine solar, solid fuel, and electric heating for both CH and DHW, in practice these systems often have two rather large tanks, it's main function is to store heat from solid fuel heaters which to run economic, without emitting particular emissions have to burn at a set rate, so a way to store energy is required, a very good system but also very expensive to install. I would assume this is not what you have, but megaflo is just the make of the cylinder, they can do many different things.
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    The top immersion is for boost only.

    If you decide it's needed, try looking at one of these:

    It will depend on how the heater is connected to the presumed off peak supply. An electrician would be able to work it out. If all is suitable, the bonus with this selector switch is that any extra wiring is around the hot water tank only. No need for a new circuit from the consumer unit (fuseboard).
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    The immersion heaters have nothing to do with the boiler.
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    I can see your point, however a boiler boils, and a heater heats. We all know this is not correct with 95% of the cases, our boilers at work actually boil, and produce steam to propel the engine which tows the train, that's how steam trains work.

    However the setting of temperatures of the boiler (maybe the USA name furnace is better?) is often set higher than the immersion heater so that the immersion only works when the boiler is off.

    So they are linked together by the thermostat settings, they often heat water contained in the same cistern, tank or what ever name you want to give it.

    Be the boiler a stand alone unit, or a back boiler as part of a solid fuel fire, the idea is to integrate all forms of water heating, there are clearly exceptions, our carriages are heated by steam from the real boiler, and the water and wet steam is ejected into the atmosphere giving some really good ambiance. Having the train enveloped in wet steam really does look good.

    But statements like "The immersion heaters have nothing to do with the boiler." are not really helpful unless some other facts are also quoted, and I can't think off hand where the two would not be connected in a normal house, only by using the real meaning of boiler can one show how not connected.

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