Melamine kitchen door paint question

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    Hi everyone...

    I have malemine kitchen doors...
    They were repainted 4 years ago with international malemine paint in white.

    We decided we wanted to change the colour of the units to a grey colour..
    I told my local store i was repainting my kitchen doors but didnt tell they were melamine doors... i just assumed as it had been painted with malemine before that i could just give it a little rub down and paint it...

    I have used little greene intelligent eggshell eco.. which is water based i have let them dry for a few hours but i can just scratch it off... im a little upset with myself...

    Is there anyway i can make this right or will i have to scrape it off and start again.. im an engineer by trade so painting is not something i do a lot of...

    Or is there a sealer..
    I appreciate any comments or advice...

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    The eggshell was only been dry for a few hours so not surprising it scratched off as it can take up to 5 days to fully cure, eggshell paint is self undercoating and with sanding the previous surface to remove any sheen should adhere well so either wait a few days and re try the sctatch test. Failing that re sand the doors and paint them with a coat of Zinsser bullseye 123 and then the eggshell, don't be tempted to scratch test though as curing needs to take place.
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  3. adambucky

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    Wow thankyou... hopefully it will be ok with any luck. As said im totally inexperienced in this kind of thing... i painted my malemine fitted wardrobes with oil based paint and they are still spot on 6 months later... so i just assumed water based paint was wrong... ironically i just had a feel then and its getting better... thankyou for your advice..

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