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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Dino101, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Dino101

    Dino101 New Member

    Guys looking to get a DIY mitre saw, seen this one the Screwfix site , the Metabo KG255 , when it comes to Mitre saws , how close to the top would this model be, only using it for Mainly DIY work but it now comes in my price bracket

  2. leicsjoiner

    leicsjoiner New Member

    Lovely bit of kit. Professional quality, and way more saw than you're ever likely to need for DIY. Not enough capacity for me, but if it ticks all your boxes then you can't go wrong with it. Be sure to register online for the XL warranty.
  3. handymanforhire

    handymanforhire New Member

    What he said. I've had one for about 4 years (back when it was branded Elektra Beckum) and it's a nice piece of kit for medium duty work - lightweight, but accurate.

    Capacity isn't the best, but good enough for most things you're likely to need in DIY/light trade - though to be honest whatever you buy you're always going to need something bigger, someday.

    The standard blade isn't bad at all, but if you're doing a lot of fine work (mouldings etc...) you might want to factor in the cost of an extra blade - I have a Freud Pro which gives a very nice finish.

    HTH, Pete.
  4. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Nice tool.
  5. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    this is an excellent saw in all respects bar one, and that deficiency will shortly be remedied by an affordable retrofit.
  6. Dino101

    Dino101 New Member

    HI Murrmac

    What is the defieciency and what is the retrofit going to be and how much will it cost

  7. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    Dino, I am afraid I am not at liberty to reveal the cost of the retrofit (I have an interest in it and I don't want to be seen as spamming) , but if you are a KGS255 owner you will almost certainly be aware of the nature of the deficiency.
  8. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    Dino, don't let my post put you off buying the KGS255, it really is a very excellent machine, and the "deficiency" does not detract from its functionality in any way, only from "convenience of use" in certain circumstances.

    I would suggest you Google around for various offers before you commit to any one seller btw ...put it this way, I got my mine for £208.00 inc VAT
  9. leicsjoiner

    leicsjoiner New Member

    I'd hazard a guess and say that the mysterious little bracket that's appeared throughout the Metabo range is just about the right size and shape to take a laser.
  10. Dino101

    Dino101 New Member

    Guys, are you saying this does not have a laser fitted , I saw in the description = Laser flange fitted , so I assumed there was one fitted
  11. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    the KGS255 Plus does have a laser fitted, and very accurate it is too.

    no deficiency in that department.
  12. malkie129

    malkie129 Screwfix Select

    SF have this on offer @ £199 in their specials leaflet.
  13. handymanforhire

    handymanforhire New Member

    SF have this on offer @ £199 in their specials

    Wow! I paid £190 for mine 4 years ago, so they either hold their value really well or I got one heck of a deal...;)
  14. Virtual Voodoo

    Virtual Voodoo New Member

  15. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

  16. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    elliot4tools have it for 189+vat with the laser and extra blade
  17. uncle buck

    uncle buck New Member

    Can anyone confirm if the KGS255 that is on offer at the moment is the plus version with the laser? as in the description it only mentions "laser flange"

    Also can anyone tell me if the saw will actually cut deeper than the stated 60mm if you were cutting say 15mm thick skirting board stood up against the fence?

  18. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    the machine with the integrated laser is the KGS255 Plus.

    if you were cutting 15 mm skirting you would cut it flat on the table, and if you were cutting a mitre in the skirting you would set the "compound" angle to whatever angle you wanted.

    it won't cut 90mm skirting held vertically against the fence, but it is so accurate that cutting it flat is no problem.
  19. uncle buck

    uncle buck New Member

    Yeah I realise that skirting should be cut flat using the bevel function of the saw but if the saw has the capacity to cut the board upright it saves you having to mess on setting the bevel angle.

    I ask if 60mm is really the max depth of cut as my Elu flip saw is only supposed to be able to cut 88mm but it will comfortably cut 95mm x 15mm board upright.

    If this model has not got a laser fitted I find the description a bit misleading....

    "Laser flange fitted as standard to aid more accurate cutting with excellent results"

    How will a flange to hold a laser aid a more accurate cut!
  20. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    I am fairly certain that the machine Screwfix are selling is in fact the KGS255 Plus with the laser fitted, it's just that they are calling it the KGS255, omitting the "Plus".

    The KGS255 Plus is listed in the catalogue at £289.00, and they say on the website they have reduced the price to £189.00, so it must be the same machine.

    That is one great offer, I thought I was doing well to get mine for £208 ... :(

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